Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

Join documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed) in assessing the damage done to average Americans when corporations decide to wage war. For critics of the current administration, the connection between the war in Iraq and the private corporations who profit from the fighting is plain to see..

For those who may not be so easily convinced, however, Greenwald and company not only explore the questionable motivations of the corporate decision-makers whose wartime profiteering has affected the lives of countless soldiers and their families, but also the increasingly negative international reputation of the United States as a result.

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  1. When Legal Citizens of The United States Of America are loaded on trains shipping them into FEMA camps labeled as Terrorists from The White House; the average Citizen, as well as The World will know that The United States Of America and its Freedom, its Democracy, its Declaration Of Independence, its Constitution, and its Bill Of Rights “ARE DEAD!” EYE 5

  2. Its funny how they mention ASG, ASG is pretty much in charge of every single US military movement in Kuwait. They pay these guys insane!!!! amounts of money to do what we could be doing…..but we sit here in Kuwait with our thumbs up our AS%^S.

  3. well sometimes its easier to fool a whole nation using war….. and the fooled population rejoices in being fooled… no one not even god can help such a population…

  4. “.. assessing the damage done to average Americans when corporations decide to wage war.”

    Incredible .. how insular is it possible to be? Forget the untold millions killed by the war mongerging Yanks but concentrate on how the selfish, greedy,morally bankrupt and ignorant nation itself may have suffered a little by its own actions.

    Despicable, truly despicable.

    Is it any wonder America is the most hated country on earth.