Ireland’s Secret Cults

Exposed: Ireland’s Secret Cults!’ takes a close look at a number of cults operating right here in Ireland. The first of these cults is Christiana Gallagher’s House of Prayer in Achill Co. Mayo. We go undercover to examine the source of her seemingly lavish life style and look at the credibility of some of her “God given” predictions about the future of the world, as well as those running ‘The House of Prayer’ in her name.

Also exposed in the documentary is perhaps the most famous cult of all, ‘Scientology’! We look at their methods of extracting money from new recruits and how they manage to keep members loyal to the cult. We also speak to ex members who have worked within ‘Scientology’ itself and find out what attracts the likes of Tom Cruise to join such a cult!

Finally, we expose perhaps the most mysterious of them all the ‘Palmarians’. ‘Palmarians’ originate in Spain but attract a large number of followers here in Ireland! We look at the cult’s wealth and very strict rule set that can separate children from their parents.

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  1. for fuck sake, when will the people of this planet realise that religion is absolute and utter bullshit

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  3. It was a time long ago ~ I was hindered by substance and not sustenance. Epic failure to find hope. If it is your last wish to see your race vanish ~ at least let others in it have a say. Religion is what you make of it morally and not based on society as a whole. Whole society’s are wrong. You must clear your mind of the sickness that has come upon you. Open your eyes to LOVE and be a witness to it. Prayer only works if you LOVE. It makes for a sad world and existence to see it any other way.

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  4. These creep show new age churches are pandemic all over the once Christian West. But, they all are just mimicking the Catholic Church, who is the richest. The parading Pope and these wanna be’s are of the same cloth. Authentic Christianity still exists but mostly in the hearts of people. These obey the Royal Law willingly, adopt the attitudes of the beatitudes which always creates good will towards men in the heart and soul of people who genuinely are honest. These are scatted among different denominations and not exclusive to any Christian church. The Christ know His own, and they obey His commandments and do His will.

  5. These cults are awful. However, I question whether I should have sympathy for the flock of morons falling victim to these groups. 

  6. Scary. Shameful. Charlatans. I think some of these members need some “Special K” to clear their heads. And, sheesh, can I have just a piece of one of Christina’s massive homes??? Wth

  7.  scumbags.. why doesnt some1 burn dem to d ground..

  8. Atheist porn is HAWT!

  9. LOL….The Chinese are going to invade all the way to Europe.!!!!!! hahahahaha!!! That’s ridiculous!!

  10. I am from the Republic of Ireland and I am delighted that the disgusting crimes, manipulations and horrific injustice’s of the chocaholic church are finally being brought to light….  i grew up here and seen the strangle hold this cult has had on my community…. it makes me sick to think that my parents were prone to this kind of manipulation and now that they are on there death beds they hold a cross and pray for jesus…….it breaks my hearth that they believe in this religious filth propaganda … but I would never say it to them, they have been brainwashed into believing it from a young age…. I wish I had been born 1000 years from now where religions might not have there dirty murderous, money grabbing grip on civilization….

    Humans are the only truth and if all religions would go away we would have a much better world ….it still wouldn’t be perfect but it would be much better….

    •  Fair plé to ya …well spoken, Sláinte.

    • VAT.I.CAN and Crown Estates/City of London and faux ‘British Monarchy’ are behind it all and Ireland was the test bed and proving ground for international terror-ism of men, women and children and the destruction of family and community natural cohesion. The history of Ireland is tragic. It has been hi-jacked by the usual culprits with their tales of woe and diaspora which are truly belonging to the Irish themselves.

  11. Good doc. Too bad nobody will see it because they are too busy jerking themselves off to the Atheist prop ones.

    • I somehow managed to finish jerking off to the Atheist stuff and watched it.

      • Lets get real people! Humans invented religion..humans commit murder, create cults, create deception, develop devious schemes, commit the most heinous crimes (check out best I have lost trust and hope in the humanity! It is the human race which is to blame..humans created religion, humans created aethism which in itself is a religion. We are all to blame! Behind every crime on humanity is the human race..dont blame religion or cults blame the humans who created them. Stop blaming it on religion or anything, it is us who are to blame! 

        •  A further note on deception from an Alien Theory perspective of human culture  – as the theory goes …  the extra terrestrials ( our “Gods”) gave human kind their cultures and therefore religion ( being an intrinsic super structural aspect of human culture )…so it is the aliens who are the manipulators even of the most influential and powerful humans on earth… therefore we are all victims of deceit and false consciousness since our cultures are not even of our genesis or origination.