IRL – In Real Life

“IRL – In Real Life” is a short, light-hearted documentary, which takes a look at the effects of World of Warcraft addiction/compulsion.

It was produced as part of a 3rd Year Film Production project at the University of the Creative Arts.

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  1. Pretty much same thing happened to me. I was so addicted, I didn’t even go outside, I could have been expelled from the school because of World Of Warcraft. However, I am glad I quit playing the game, I feel a lot better now. I have tried several times to start over and play it ‘normally’ 2-3 hours a day, but nah, I got so sick of it. Basically, whenever I log on my account, I instantly exit because I can’t stand the game at all. 🙂

  2. I feel his pain I was totally addicted for yrs as well….

  3.  He played Warcraft too much.  Then, he was sad because he wasn’t spending time with people in real life, so he stopped playing Warcraft.  I just saved you 8 minutes.

  4. ahem………yawn…..

  5. Make another episode dude! Let it be heard! this third life is just a waste off time! gto religion that is the true meaning and knowledge of life.

  6. This is some ‘quality’ third year film project. You spent your entire college career playing WoW and slapped together an 8 minute documentary on it. Bravo.

  7. That was great! How cool is that? My only problem was I wish it went for longer. And he became so handsome when he started getting healthy!

  8. What an absolute looser!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pure comedy! Couldn’t stop laughing through the film! HAHHAHAHAHAH! What a legend! LOOOOOSER!!!!

  9. I played WoW for 5 years and almost got divorced over it.  I’ve been “sober” from that Game since February 2010.  I thought I could quit at anytime, but it was hard and I found myself going back to it.  WotLK was the last expansion that I played.  I went back once about six months ago just to see if my friends were still playing and to see the new Cataclysm expansion.  I got lost in the new Orgrimmar and that was enough to stop me from playing for good.

  10. don’t see anything ‘light-hearted’ in the usual sense this is destructive programming and utter garbage.

  11. Nice documentary, congrats on beating/breaking the habit…and welcome to the world of real!!

  12. I`m speachless.  I`m about to start directing a 1 hour doc on video games.  The last time I played a video game was Attari.  Is the creator of the above on this forum?

  13. I had some good times in WoW. I also felt/feel a lot of negativity towards the time suck that it is. I’d say they probably balance out. Like nothing ever happened in those years. Completely nullified wasted years.

  14. I used to play wow like that, but then I came to the conclusion that no matter how far you get in WoW a new expansion will come out and you have to start getting all this new crap. It’s a never-ending meaningless game, so my new rule is unless I can play for free, I don’t want to play it.

  15. /cry … Play FinalFantasy XI for 9000 hours then talk