Is Amanda Knox Guilty?

On November the 2nd 2007 police in Perusia  receive a phone call, there’s been a break in, police arrive they discover a young women has been stabbed to death, she is Meredith Kercher. A british student, a girl with everything to live for. For six years her American flat mate Amanda Knox has been the center of a media and judicial stall, one of three people accused of Meredith’s murder. This BBC documentary examines evidence for and against Amanda Knox and for the first time the audio recording of Amanda’s prison interrogation. Convicted, Jailed, Acquitted and now found guilty once more. It’s time say the victims family for the case to be resolved.

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  1. This documentary is quite biased. No mention of the appalling behaviour of the UK press. Two people were twice convicted without a skerrick of evidence.

  2. T-Total Bullshit

  3. If you are American you are likely to think she is innocent, but if you are from a civilised country you are likely to think she is guilty.

  4. Guilty. The murderers must be brought to justice. It is truly shameful the way the Americans played the media… from friends of Amanda knox helping a murderer to walk free, to friends of Syria helping to organise the bombing of their own people…Who needs enemies with friends like these….. its all a PR exercise where truth is stifled and suppressed so that bullshit can prevail – all for a little money.

    The Kercher family deserve respect for the dignified way in which they conducted themselves in what must have been truly trying times – and opposite to the quiet and dignified we have the camera loving murderer and her paid help …..the PR woman gleefully states

    “send in the marines to get Amanda Knox back”

    Yeah…. what fuckin species are you again?

  5. Perusia? Seriously? Can even call that a documentary?

  6. Surely, it is spelling not grammar you corrected, Jack. If you are going to mess the point (the senseless murder of a young woman) and correct something which requires no correction, do it right!

  7. DISTRACTING TABLOID BULLSHIT. Sorry, I needed to correct the grammar.


  9. Oh yes, this is that pitifully slanted BBC presentation the prosecution’s video library. By the way, it’s Perugia with a G, not Perusia.