ISIL: Target Russia

For groups like Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, America has always been considered the ultimate enemy but following Vladimir Putin’s bombing campaign in Syria, Russia may have taken it’s place as target number one for ISIL.

Thousands of ISIL fighters from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are regrouping in the virtual impregnable mountains of Afghanistan, plotting revenge against the Kremlin. ISIL’s high command have given orders to target Russian cities. The Russian government know that these attacks are coming and claim to be ready and waiting.

That being said on April 3rd of this year a lone terrorist on the St. Petersburg metro was able to demonstrate the vulnerability of any modern city, with 15 left dead and many more injured.

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  1. Save the planet kill the Zionists starting with the whole Rothschild family tree.Take back your stolen money.

  2. Kill ISIS Ameicas excuse to be in Syria to depose Assad ..USA are ISIS..Syria and Russia kill those terorists. we stand with you.