ISIS: “Islamic” Extremism?

Radicalism in many forms has made significant inroads within several countries located around the world, in particular Iraq and Syria in the last few years. Such groups that pose a threat here are known as Muslim extremists, and they directly challenge the idea of Islam and are a threat to humanity in the areas which they dominate. In this journey Mojtaba Masood will be examining modern day extremism in an attempt to try and find out more about the driving forces found behind such terror groups and ideologies.

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  1. According to Four-Star Wesley Clark a retired General of the United States Army, ISIL / ISIS is armed and founded by the United States and others from the West. One of their goal is to put fear into you and lie you into wars. Their plan is to take out seven countries in five years. Using 7 wars. Starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.

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    • Lets take a look at W. Clark’s evidence. Whatever the USA’s plans, there are a series of chaotic factors that are not accounted for. It was, for example, completely inevitable that the Sunni resistance was going to reassert itself after the US withdrawal because it hadn’t been destroyed, or even damaged much. That Sunni resistance is what we call variously Daesh, ISIS and ISIL etc. and it is the product of the Iraqi secret police. Now how does the existence of Daesh in any way help the USA in the region? Does it provide Cassus Belli ? Yes, but note how Obama has NOT gone to war in the region, and has in fact pulled out despite the provocation you allege was there to start fresh wars and justify a continued US regional military presence. Note also how instead of a ground war with Daesh, the true upset has been the Arab Spring and its mouthpiece Al Jazeera promoting the Wikileaks scandal story. It was the Arab Spring that caused the collapse of Egypt, the wars in Syria and Libya. Now Somalia still has a civil war, and the USA didn’t cause it, that civil war has been running since 1991, if not before. Now the fact is that Daesh only asserted itself as a result of the Syrian conflict which only occurred as a result of the Arab Spring… and for all that… where are the US boots on the ground? Nowhere to be seen. None of what Wesley Clark has said actually tabulates with what has happened. I don’t doubt there are interests lobbying the Pentagon for war with Iran, but currently it is Saudi Arabia fighting a proxy war with Iran and the USA is only peripherally involved if at all. So unless this grand plan is going to play out over 50+ years, which seems unlikely, on close analysis Wesley Clark’s information is wrong by any objective assessment.

    • According to retired General Wesley Clark the primary motivation for those wars is to steal oil & gas from those 7 countries. This make sense because many past wars started or financed by United States and their allies involved countries with big oil and gas reserves. Now the US and their allies still do wars but using an increasing number of proxy-wars. In other words they do wars while hiding beyond others. Such as hiding behind ISIS, financing ISIS, arming ISIS, and use fear to lie into wars the American citizens and their allies.

      Another important motivation is the United States are the biggest manufacturer and seller of weapons in the world. So more wars means more money. It is an immature way of making dirty and unethical money.

      The American citizens and their president are intelligent, if they knew the real reasons for those wars most would be against it and there would be no war and no arming and financing ISIS. The elected American leaders do not represent the will of the majority of American citizens. Thus lying them into wars.

      I do not think Obama is a terrorist. I think he might be lied into wars though.

      Personally I believe that wars are immature. It’s very unlikely that the current elected pro-war leaders will have the courage to make positive changes. I’m hopeful that a next generation of leaders will be able to find win-win solutions. Instead of win-lose. Finding win-win solutions require a maturity which some of the current elected leaders have not yet reach. It also involved a shift from the head to the heart which requires event more courage.

  2. The unedited parts really show how this is not a religious but a human problem. The fundamentalist who shot the truck drivers reminded me of the prisoners experiment. People can go crazy on power and religion is a very potent source. They use religion as a excuse to justify their own lust for control, power and self importance. Most Muslims would not wants idiots like that running their country. Like the truck driver said, the majority just wants to make a living in peace.

    • You are so, so confused. Instead of going around, like Obama, living in a make believe world in which every religion is “peaceful” (I guarentee people like you say this but double talk and go around criticizing Christianity for “causing” violence), how about you at least learn the very basics about each of the most popular religions? I’ll help you: Christianity, Hinduism, & Buddism are ALL built on the idea of PEACE; they won’t exist if not for this building block. Islam is, at it’s core, built upon HATE & VIOLENCE! If you claim to be a “Christian” and sanction hate/violence, you have violated the most fundamental aspects of the faith and simply are not a “Christian”, no matter how loudly you claim you are. On the other hand, if a “Muslim” claims they just want to “make a living in peace,” they are rejecting the most basic/fundamental teachings of Islam & the Quran (ie- they aren’t Muslims, it is like eating beef and declaring you are a “vegan”. Simply saying you are doesn’t automatically make you one, even if you never eat chicken or pork). Such fake “Muslims” are straight up refusing to follow Allah. When it comes to ethics, morals, acceptance, tolerance, etc., Islam is the exact opposite of every other popular religion, no matter how bad people like you & Obama wish it were not true…

      • How is Islam built on hate? Seems to me although I have no evidence but from what I understand that it is quite the opposite. If you take ISIS’s view of Islam which is a radical take on Islam then you could make that assertion. But they are not the only voice of Islam. They are led by Batshit crazy, power driven egos preaching to misguided youth and downtrodden people. You could make the same statement about christianity if you took The West Boro Church as your source for leaning christianity. Fuckwit

        • Stop being a freaking moron. READ THE FUCKING QURAN!!!!! ISIS is not “radical.” They are following the teachings of Mohammad to the LETTER! Idiots like you operate with the pathetic assumption that “all religions are peaceful”. Stop being a total retard and at least learn the very basics of both Christianity and Islam. Islam REQUIRES followers to hate and even murder others.Are you seriously claiming Christianity does the same? Unless you are mentally slow or a liar, it is obvious to anyone that Christianity, and other non-Islamic faiths, are built on love and peace. Islam is the exact opposite. If you remove hate and violence from Christianity, you’d have CHRISTIANITY. If you remove hate and violence from Islam, it simply wouldn’t exist. The entire faith is built on hate, war, and violence. Christianity and Islam are polar opposites. Retards and liars like you site one little “Christian” family in rural America as if they represent Christians across the world. Are you really so stupid??? I’ll try to explain it in simple terms so even fucktards like you can follow: You have to hijack Christianity to use it to justify violence (murder, lying, hate, bigotry, etc are expressly FORBIDDEN in Christianity). On the other hand, you have to hijack Islam in order to use it to justify love, peace, acceptance, etc. (ie- murder, lying, pedophilia, etc. are all expressly PERMITTED, and even REQUIRED, in Islam). Seriously, why is it simpletons like you find it so freaking hard to understand such simple concepts??? Instead of lying, why don’t you spend 10 minutes learning about reality? Idiot…

        • Though I don’t agree with the way Kilgore Trout (KT) stated it, I agree. I also see what you’re asking and thats good; you’re challenging a claim. Any claim should have valid support in which KT failed to provide.

          Obviously we can talk about this for years but hear are a few verses, from the Quran itself, that I’ve yet to come across someone who can defend them.

          “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” (8:12).

          Verse 9:33 tells Muslims that Allah has charted them to make Islam “superior over all religions.”

          The Hadith (Holy Muslim scripture) (Number 14) states that leaving Islam is a threat to Islam and should be killed.
          Yet, Islam also states that basic tenet of Islam says that the religion is NOT COMPULSORY. Contradicts itself a bit.

          “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords’ ” Bukhari (52:73).

          “The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: ‘One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did he express any desire (or determination) for Jihad died the death of a hypocrite.'” Muslim (20:4696)

          Muslim is the name of that Hadith.

          There is more evidence but I’ll stop here.
          I think what was meant above^ is that, you take an extremist from Christianity, assuming they are practicing accurately, you technically get Jesus Christ; the most perfect form of Christianity who taught nothing but peace. If you follow the Quran and Hadith’s “to the T,” theoretically, you get something as violent as ISIS because it seems like they’re the ones who are accurately carrying out the Quran.

          Forgive me if I’ve offended anyone. This is not my intention. Pray for me

          • “Any claim should have valid support in which KT failed to provide”

            Ha, ha! I guess the difference between you and I is that I expect people to have at least a basic understanding of REALITY without me having to hold their hand and prove every fact I state is so. If I state Islam is the exact opposite of Christianity and built on violence, hate, bigotry, rape, and raw evilness, I expect even people of very low intelligence to follow along since I am stating an established F-A-C-T and not some opinion for which I need to provide evidence to convince others. If it is hot outside, don’t you assume others also understand and accept it is hot outside without having to psychically take the temperature in order to provide “valid support” for your simple and basic observation of reality??? I guess you have a much, much lower opinion of people in general that you feel you must provide “valid support” when making an objective observation of reality (ie- that Islam is the opposite of Christianity in basically every single way and that Islam is built on hate, violence, war, murder, bigotry, etc,. whereas Christianity expressly forbids all such behaviors).

          • Have you ever read the old testament? What where the crusades about? Or the inquisition? Slavery? The bible gave cover to all of this!