ISIS: Terror in Iraq

Panorama reports from the heart of the fighting, the battle is against ISIS, a brutal Jihadi group that grew out of Al Qaeda. The group has declared an Islamic state and this documentary investigates the full story of ISIS from the inside and asks the question, could the conflict spill out of the middle east?

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  1. “We all came here to be martyrs.” I know what it means and that they are there to fight to the death but to hear it said tends to make me think that with this attitude ISIS is sure to win. I support the Kurds and pray we and the rest of the Western powers give them everything they need. I’d like to see them using U.S. heavy weapons and crushing these sadistic killers. They need artillery and mortars. The best we have. Mobile rocket artillery launchers would be a good start. Some Bradley fighting vehicles to move troops to the front and engage these rapists and en-slavers.

  2. The worst thing that happened in this world is man’s insatiable appetite for greed and corruption yes these animals ISIS are disgusting, but so are the men in suits pulling strings behind the glass. NWO is upon us whether you believe it or not.

  3. Meanwhile the Oil Flows

  4. these people are like armed children, not taking much to kill. how could a god, any god demand such a thing. it has no end and fear is the new god. afraid of everything never having time to meet the true, caring, loving GOD. one who offers hope and love. it must end…