The Islamic State

This state has been established by a hardline Sunni jihadist group that emerged out of the Syrian civil war. Up until recently this group was known as ISIS but now they simply call themselves “The Islamic State” or “IS” for short. Their speed and efficiency in which they advanced from Syria into Iraq caught the world and those reporting on the middle east by complete surprise. They captured major cities and took control of large military equipment provided to the Iraq army by the Americans. Growing in numbers IS fighters have come from all over the world, all wanting to be part of the Caliphate.

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  1. What do you think that the US response will be to the next “911”?

  2. This should be in the gangs category.

  3. Was there not another group that killed millions for being inferior and their wish to rule the world, oh yea Natizs. Get ready for WWIII with muslims who want to die for it, I say lets help em.

  4. Ultimately irrational, superstitious nonsense will undo itself. It’s just a question of limiting the damage they do until then.

  5. jeebus, don’t they ever shut up?

    I predict there will be no professional golfers from IS, or olympic swimmers, either.

    What a sorry fate!