It’s Time We Talked

A wry and intense road trip across direct democracy’s history and potential in America, warmly probing the historical record, stories of ballot activists of all stripes, our political assumptions, and everyday people’s ideas for laws, to build the case for true citizenship.

A film by Olaf Bertram-Nothnagel

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  1. By far the best documentary on the subject that I’ve ever seen!

    Unlike Robert below, I enjoyed the unconventional style of narration: quick, intimate, and fresh. So much better than the typical Voice Of God—especially for this topic. It is dense, and I had to rewind once as I was processing, but good stuff.

    Watch and then act!

  2. Please re-record the narration with someone with a less feminine voice such as a woman, a 5 year old, or a gay male. For all the people who use word of mouth dissemenation of these ideas, this is an extremely poorly presented example of advertising of these ideas. It is very hard to take someone seriously who speaks like this.

  3. Thank you for finally making this documentary. It is really hard to understand the narrator though because he whisper talks with no clear ennunciatian or use of breathing for public speach. His cadence is weird and sounds like he is reading quitely to himself in a corner instead of speaking to an audience.

  4. This would be scary and difficult, I agree. But, representative democracy is losing its luster. The representatives are too easily bought off. That can’t happen in a direct democracy. Switzerland is the only major country that follows this model, as I understand it. Other countries have some limited versions, just as we do. Switzerland recently voted on raising the minimum wage, already the highest in the world, I believe. They voted it down!

    Don’t say it can’t be done, or people are too stupid. It may be our only real hope. Education is key, and “the people” may bring in some very bad laws, but we get that already. Hard work for a citizen, but a duty worth the effort.

    Very interesting and entertaining! Watch it, for sure.