Jack the Ripper: The Case Reopened

In 1888, the most infamous serial killer of all time began his reign of terror in Londons East End. The identity of this man who has become known as Jack The Ripper remains a mystery to this day.

Now with the help of some of the countries top criminal investigators, actor Emilia Fox alongside Britain’s top criminologist Professor David Wilson are going to reopen the ripper files. At the age of 29 Wilson became the youngest ever prisoner governor in England and has met virtually every recent British serial killer.

Along with Wilson’s expertise this film will also use modern techniques and technology to investigate the Whitechapel Murders. Relying on top investigators and geo-profiling experts to explore Jack The Rippers psychology, Emilia and Wilson discover the Ripper’s modus operandi in order to better understand the extraordinary risks the Ripper took to kill his victims. 

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  1. Still have no idea who the Ripper was. Kosminski fits the profile up to his asylum inclusion. There was no record of him creating any issues or disturbances, which one would expect from a psychopath. And to be honest I don’t want to know who the Ripper was. It would take all the intrigue away.

    My great grandfather was one of the investigating officers in 1888 Whitechapel.

    Very good documentary. Throws a different light on the murders with the aid of modern technology.

  2. i think he turns his coat inside out so the blood is not on the outside. when hes finished turns it around. that would explain different jacket colours by witnesses.

  3. Peter Ustinov compared a TV show in 1988 with a panel of experts who came to the conclusion that Arron Kosminski was the Ripper. The verdict was unanimous

  4. wow i can’t explain

  5. I believe Charles Lechmere, the man who “discovered” Polly Ann Nichols meets the map profile. In fact, he walked past many of the murder sites to go to work, including Martha Tabram. He’s an equally viable suspect. Plus, Kosminski’s symptoms sound schizophrenic in nature, and as such, he might be less likely to remain uncaught and more likely confess to someone about the crimes – especially as his mental state worsened over the years.

  6. Hmm. Seems likely that they have nailed the Ripper. Bit of a shame really as the mystery was more interesting. Not the greatest doco I’ve ever seen but worth a watch.