Jack the Ripper: The Case Reopened

In 1888, the most infamous serial killer of all time began his reign of terror in Londons East End. The identity of this man who has become known as Jack The Ripper remains a mystery to this day.

Now with the help of some of the countries top criminal investigators, actor Emilia Fox alongside Britain’s top criminologist Professor David Wilson are going to reopen the ripper files. At the age of 29 Wilson became the youngest ever prisoner governor in England and has met virtually every recent British serial killer.

Along with Wilson’s expertise this film will also use modern techniques and technology to investigate the Whitechapel Murders. Relying on top investigators and geo-profiling experts to explore Jack The Rippers psychology, Emilia and Wilson discover the Ripper’s modus operandi in order to better understand the extraordinary risks the Ripper took to kill his victims. 

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  1. Hmm. Seems likely that they have nailed the Ripper. Bit of a shame really as the mystery was more interesting. Not the greatest doco I’ve ever seen but worth a watch.