James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work

In 1975 a Huston lawyer by the name of James A. Baker III took a job with President Gerald Ford, having never worked a day in government before it was on the recommendation to Ford by his good friend and tennis partner, George H. W. Bush that he received this new position and with it politics in America was about to change drastically.

In this 90-minute film Tom Brokaw, narrates the tale of this remarkable politician and statesman who was known as a man with an ability to get things done even when Congress became divided. Baker, now 85 years old, has helped get three presidents elected and served in top posts for two of them.


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  1. James Baker, my cousin… a truly great man…………

  2. Gritty Houston native who is best friends with George H.W. Bush key to end of Cold War and Start of Gulf Wars. Accessible story well told about Barker’s balanced negotiatiations based on deep convictions.
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