James Gandolfini: Tribute to a Friend

The passing of James Gandolfini in 2013 took many by surprise, not only because he was just 51 years old but also because of the fact he was a larger than life character who came across as indestructible. Best known for his leading role as Tony Soprano, in the HBO hit television series The Sopranos, Gandolfini also produced many documentaries and other such works which helped define who he was.

James Gandolfini: Tribute to a Friend does a great job at telling Gandolfini’s full story without focusing too much on The Sopranos. That been said however, many of the interviews featured in this film are from the cast of The Sopranos but they do a great job at capturing the true essence of who Gandolfini was and what he was like to work with on a daily basis for so long.

What we have here is a very moving sendoff from the TV show, friends and family.

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