James Randi: Secrets of the Psychics

From the earliest days man has believed that dreams and the supernatural are in some way real and all over the world psychics demonstrate powers that their followers accept as modern day miracles. In Moscow we see psychic healers treat the sick with chants and incantations, psychic surgeons can be found in the Philippines, were they seem to preform operations without any equipment and in Britain metal spoons just seem to melt in the hands of psychic performer Uri Geller.

Three out of four Americans claim they have had a psychic experience, these days you can even find psychics at your nearest mall, but are psychic phenomenon what they appear to be? In this film James “The Amazing” Randi sets about debunking various psychics in an effort to explain to us how our senses are fooled by these people.

Randi himself is a Canadian-American retired stage magician who is a master in deception, this suitably qualifies him for the task at hand as he himself sets off to expose the tricks behind paranormal and pseudoscientific claims.

Directed by: Carl Charlson , Paula S. Apsell

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  1. Would you be excited by exchanging hyperlinks?

  2. September 11, 2001 is the form of magic that is the dangerous kind, yet successful. Without the World knowing The White House put Nuclear Devices in the basements of the New York North Tower, and the New York South Tower, and the New York Tower Seven. Then later airplanes were used to convince the World that the airplanes have the power to turn the North Tower, and The South Tower into Microscopic-Particle-Dust; however, the airplanes were not necessary as one can see of the destruction of Tower Seven which collapsed without any airplane contact, and the basements of The North Tower, and The South Tower, and yes even Tower Seven burned as hot as volcanos for 3 months; however, the Pentagon attack was also supposedly by an airplane; yet, The Pentagon did not turn into Microscopic-Particle-Dust, and it did not burn with heat comparable to a volcano, and it did not burn for 3 months; in fact, it was a “STANDARD OFFICE FIRE” that was put out within 48 hours; yes, within 48 hours. The magic trick is called “Shock and Awe” and it is to make the audience “FOCUS” in this case on the Airplanes, but the collapse, and the volcano heat for 3 months is really from the Nuclear Devices that The White House had planted in the basements many days earlier in which you can see on the Internet in the search of “911 Melted Granite,” and you can witness the results of the “MELTDOWN” of the Nuclear Devices that were once there; thus, the airplanes are not the destruction device that burns with heat comparable to a volcano and burns for 3 months; thus, is why Tower Seven burns like the North Tower and the South Tower; yet, the Pentagon does not because it lacks a Nuclear Device. This is magic of the dangerous kind to distract the audience in a “Shock and Awe” technique, and as you can see it is very successful to the untrained audience; after all, standard office fires cannot burn with heat comparable to volcanos, and standard office fires cannot burn for 3 months just as automobiles cannot burn gasoline for 3 months without refueling. The Technique of “Shock and Awe” is designed to control the audience the way the Magician wants the audience to be controlled, and The White House controlled its audience to make the audience believe Muslims and Airplanes were the culprits of the “Shock and Awe;” however, the Magician was really The White House, and the “Motive” of the magic trick was to make The White House appear as though The White House is the victim while The White House invades and steals The Middle East. EYE 5

    • Now the most dangerous part to the truth is when one finds out that they have been tricked; such as, the “Audience” of The White House believing that Muslims attacked The United States of America; it now becomes obvious to the subject that The White House has tricked them, and exploited their deepest beliefs and trusts, and now the subject must choose to continue in the trickery, and act as though trickery is not trickery and that it is truth; thus, the subject now becomes a slave for life to the magicians trickery; thus, one would rather live and die in believing in the lie that Muslims attacked The United States of America on September 11, 2001 than to admit that the one they trusted the most betrayed them, and in this case the one that betrayed them, and exploited their deepest beliefs of Patriotism, and possibly Religion was their very own White House, and it is this part that is extremely dangerous because the person knows that they have lost control of their life and their choices, and that an imposter has taken over, and now they must commit to slavery to try and convince themselves that they still are in control while always needing more energy to convince themselves that they are not a fool, and that The White House is immune of Evil; or otherwise, they can choose instead to fall in despair, and realize that their White House is no different than any other Government, and that The White House can be evil at intentionally exploiting people for its own White House selfish and evil self gain; however, this despair can make one realize that this is the reason people write Constitutions in order to protect themselves from the evils that their own Government is prone to do; after all, if Governments, including The White House, were not evil by nature then people would not need to write a Constitution; such as, The Constitution of The United States of America which starts off as: “We The People of The United States of America…” Therefore, it would be normal as a true patriot to be aware of the trickery that The White House will use to make The White House the Supreme Law of the land instead of The Constitution; therefore, The White House will want a Patriot Act, and a Military Commission Act, and a National Defense Authorization Act, and this will be used as a weapon against “We The People of The United States of America…” if The White House ever chooses to do so; thus, comes another “Motive” of the trickery of September 11, 2001. EYE 5

  3. No coments? That proves another point: people don’t like the truth….

  4. Love Randi…king of the skeptic magicians!