James Randi: Secrets of the Psychics

From the earliest days man has believed that dreams and the supernatural are in some way real and all over the world psychics demonstrate powers that their followers accept as modern day miracles. In Moscow we see psychic healers treat the sick with chants and incantations, psychic surgeons can be found in the Philippines, were they seem to preform operations without any equipment and in Britain metal spoons just seem to melt in the hands of psychic performer Uri Geller.

Three out of four Americans claim they have had a psychic experience, these days you can even find psychics at your nearest mall, but are psychic phenomenon what they appear to be? In this film James “The Amazing” Randi sets about debunking various psychics in an effort to explain to us how our senses are fooled by these people.

Randi himself is a Canadian-American retired stage magician who is a master in deception, this suitably qualifies him for the task at hand as he himself sets off to expose the tricks behind paranormal and pseudoscientific claims.

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