Janis Joplin: Her Final Hours

Janis Joplin is the undisputed queen of rock and roll. It’s a fact that there had been no female superstar of rock before Janis came along. Her rule of thumb was if it feels good do it.

Janis also hides her self-destructive, darker side. She was a very troubled girl and a genius and at the same time she was looking for some kind of relief to not have to be Janis.

A blast of nearly pure heroin will end her short, dazzling career. This is the analysis on the life and death of Janis Joplin, the undisputed queen of rock and roll.

This riveting documentary (which plays out almost like a detective story) painstakingly unravels the still-disputed events which brought down the queen of rock ‘n’ roll.

You’ll revisit Janis’s early life and meteoric rise to fame, then discover how her out-of-control drug addiction and a cut of nearly pure heroin ended it all.

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    • Worthless? She spread love and inspiration to MILLIONS of people all around THE WORLD, wtf have u done?? She didn’t hurt anybody by living her life, she certainly didn’t hurt u, and I think if she were alive she probably wouldnt have even responded to ur meaningless comment bcuz NOBODY FUCKING CARES about a jealous, hateful little pee-on like urself, well I wish I could be more loving and sweet like she was but since im just not as forgiving I’m gonna throw my opinion out there as well and say that I think if u killed urself today, it would be the best contribution u could make for a better tomorrow in this world! And I would honestly say that I would be glad that YOU we’re gone! The only thing the world would lose is another POS in ur own little cesspool of misery! Go back to HELL and take all ur hateful ass BS with u!

  2. This is another great BBC program.
    Janis’ brother, former bandmates and road manager tell anecdotes about Janis’ career and private life.
    We hear stories from her childhood, high school and college years. then about the events that led to her death.
    On a personal note; she wasn’t the kind of person I would want to hang around with; a boozing, drugging. loud-mouthed drama queen. (but that’s just my opinion).
    Despite the dead peacock’s feathers protruding from her head, you cannot deny that she was an extremely talented, gutsy singer and performer.
    She was unique, that’s for sure!

  3. A very tasteful account of the short life of a genius. Thank you.