Japan Tsunami: The Survivors Stories

Six months on from one of the world’s most devastating tsunamis, Panorama returns to Japan to hear remarkable tales of survival amid the epic destruction.

Piecing together new footage of the wave, reporter Paul Kenyon tells the dramatic stories of those who managed to escape when so many didn’t.

The film also follows those returning briefly to homes abandoned within the radioactive no-go area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant and asks what the future holds for the thousands affected.

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  1. the only bad thing about this is that the pronunciation of names and places is absolutely horrific.

  2. The translating narrators speak with mock Japanese accents. You can tell they are  native English speaking Britons. BBC may not be racist but they show what kind of presenting techniques they must use to reach out to a narrow-minded/prejudicial/racist audience.

  3. Very moving, with a clear reporting style focusing on the stories of individuals and families during and in the wake of the terrible tsunami this year.

  4. Very good documentary. One of the new style BBC news based documentary’s with cinematography, quick cuts and music used for affect.