Japan’s Stalking Crisis

Japan is currently facing a silent epidemic, stalkers appear to be terrorising many women, with incidents occurring all across the country. In 2013 there were 21,000 cases of stalking reported to the police making the fear of being stalked a haunting reality for many Japanese women.

This epidemic appears to be isolated to Japan, with the nation taking the number one spot in terms of worldwide stalking cases reported. Japanese officials have made an effort to toughen up their anti-stalking laws but yet the killing continues.

In this film we meet with Hiro, who admits to being a stalker who first stalked his wife when she left him because of his violent ways. Hiro felt it would be better for him to kill his wife than see her get with anyone else. We are provided with an in-depth examination of how stalking affects those being stalked and their family members.



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    • So what?
      Rape is about hate and power not sex.
      Even if a different woman offered sex for free a rapist prefers to rape.