Japan’s War in Colour

Using rare and, in some cases, never before seen color footage, this documentary examines World War II from the perspective of the Japanese. The film also utilizes original letters and diary entries written by Japanese soldiers and civilians during the war. Japan’s War in Color looks to present both the innocent and the guilty parties involved in what was culturally touted as a Holy War, and examine the effect it had on all of their lives.

It was assumed no color films existed in Japan until the victorious U.S. forces arrived in 1945. This documentary is remarkable proof that those assumptions were verifiably false. Now you can discover the story of a nation at war from its rare color films, plus letters and diaries from those who lived through it. Almost all the material in this color documentary has been recently discovered and allows the viewer to experience Japanese culture and events from an entirely new perspective. Subject matter includes Imperial Japanese troops in 1931 Manchuria, remarkable domestic scenes of 1930s Japan, preparation for war in 1939, and images of occupation in 1940s Shanghai.

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  1. Losalmos. Have you been to Japan, particularly Hiroshima or Nagasaki? I have, and I have had the honour to get to know a little bit about the Japanese and their culture. Shame on you for saying such things. They are a people of great honour and respect and they put people like you to shame. Not only do they feel guilt and show remorse for the actions of their imperial past that you accuse them of lacking, they are a people who have become world leaders in the concept of forgiveness and PEACE.You need to go to Japan and erase these thoughts of intolerance and hatred that you posses. I bet the Americans do not feel any guilt for the war crime that their government committed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima with the obliteration of nearly 350,000 innocent people in a blink of an eye.

    • Yes, you are right.. I just saw a video, where they proved that they set off the two bombs, to scare RUSSIA, because they knew that after the war, they would be fighting communism … The Japanise had to pay the price to show off to another country all together..

  2. Hirohito simply was a murderous war criminal who walked away free thanks to the Americans twisted view of justice. Thus today the Japanese people continue denying their guilt and display little if any remorse as a nation or accountability for that fact governing their actions during this period. A nation of peoples devoid of honour , sense of duty and self respect. The world should tread with caution as history has a habit of repeating itself with peoples such as this.