The Jersey Slayer: Damian Rzeszowski

The picturesque channel island of Jersey in the United Kingdom has long been known as a haven for holiday makers, a crime free destination where residents still leave their doors unlocked but all of this changed in 15 minutes on the 14th of August 2011. In just minutes Damian Rzeszowski took 6 lives, brutally stabbing his wife, 5 year old daughter, baby son, father in law, his wife’s friend and her daughter to death before finally turning the knife on himself. Only the killer survived to face a trail that shocked the world, this is the story of what drove a father to kill.

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  1. Warning: animal cruelty, although it’s at the very end and the although I feel they really did not need to leave in that last part, I think that everything before that part was worth the watch.

  2. For Christ sake what’s wrong with the ”justice” system 3 kids, two women and one man, I don’t give a flying fuck about his mental status This fucker needs to be shot from the feet up and send the bill for bullets to his family.

  3. Terrible crime, heart breaking to watch.

  4. That guy should FRY in Hell!!