Jesus Freaks

This is Creationfest, a four-day Christian rock show-cum-revival held every summer in Eastern Washington where religion, politics, and music collide.

It is here that thousands of eager young Christians gather to worship, save souls, and get “Crunk on Christ”. Jesus Freaks takes you deep into the heart of this contemporary Christian culture where religion and rock n’ roll make strange bedfellows.

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  1. Most of these people don’t even know why they’re doing what they do. If you ask them to truly break down the key “buzz” phrases they use, many cannot actually tell you the meaning behind what they’re saying. There’s this whole culture in christianity… there is a huge element of following what the christian masses are doing. A sheep mentality

    If you are a christian, it is OK TO QUESTION. SEEK THE TRUTH. You will not be condemned for questioning, you will be awakened in a beautiful way. Please look up the history of the christian church. Christianity was established for political reasons, and the holidays you keep have pagan origins. Christmas trees are a phallic symbol. Easter comes from the word ISHTAR. Google it all. There are also forgeries in the new testament. This is not a conspiracy against christianity, it’s simply history.

    The truth is: You are 100% responsible for the life you create. Simply “giving it to Jesus” or “laying it at the cross” will not eliminate your problems. You must go within to heal yourself and discover your soul. This is the what the journey of life is all about & you were designed to do exactly that. You are safe and you are capable. So tap into your God-given intelligence and power.


  2. I’ve read a lot of the posts here. Many of you are quite ignorant as to what is Christianity and Who is Jesus. And judgemental about it too. You express your prejudice of what you think Christians are and what Christianity is and then are upset that the Christians in this documentary are outside the prejudicial box you’ve put Christianity and Christians in. To those comments by self-professed non-Christians: No offence but if you’re not a Christian you have ZERO business telling Christians how to be Christians. And to those condemning comments by self-professed Christians: to quote the master, he who has no sin cast the first stone. There are many different kinds of Christians. As different as there are people. And each one is on a personal journey specific to them. Who are we to condemn? Life is a journey. Journey on.

  3. In the Netherlands it’s legal for doctors to give sick kids shots that will kill them… what the utterly retarded crap is that bullshit spouting Christian moron on about… What a claim.. I mean that is literally just a fucking LIE!!

  4. I must go to this festival with a suitcase filled with mind bending substances but I’ll need an attorney to join me on this quest .

  5. Hahahahaha!

  6. Christians are peace loving people, yet they wage war’s with religions whom oppose nit picking details of their beliefs. They force their beliefs onto others, brainwash children, worship a “god” whom is jealous and envious, and metaphorically relieve their sins by eating their Lords skin and drinking his blood?

    Sounds pretty sadistic if you ask me. Then again, I’m not brainwashed LOL.
    Do the world a favor and sacrifice yourself the same way your “Lord and Savior” did.

  7. sad movie.
    poor kids. =0(

    music makes people *especially* susceptible to suggestion.

  8. A question, these people seem to Worship one that according to the bible is dead.
    Yet also in the same book it states that you should only worship god, and not any other gods, Why do they then worship Jesus?   😉

  9. This is very likely, the un-coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s almost scary, to see that many ignorant morons gathered in one spot.

  10. I don’t “drink or do drugs”, and I’ve never ever ever been a Christian, nor will I ever be. It’s really disappointing how many generalizations many (not all) Christians make. I take umbrage with the assertion that I must “drink or do drugs It’s also incredible how self-degrading they are. How can someone who considers himself a “selfish, dirty being” truly love others, whether it be his fellow man, his fellow Christians, or Jesus? Lets face it, the young people documented here are, with few exceptions, naive and of below average intelligence. In a lot of cases they don’t have discretion in the matter of “Christianity” and they’re victims of sick midwestern communities, bible belt states, overprotective and disgustingly conservative parents, under-educated or poorly educated city councilmen and state representatives, or, worst of all, their own guilt as a result of the manufactured “Christian” shit their loved ones and community feeds them. They’ve been swayed by mediocre heavy music with an oddly intertwined Christian message. My heart goes out to these poor, tortured people who will never ever know true love, true tolerance, enjoyment of life, freedom from guilt, or basic principles regarding how to treat our fellow man and respect for the decisions of all people and cultures. “First generation point-and-click porn” is an issue of parenting. Religion has no bearing on this. Anybody of average intelligence knows that the “gonorrhea of the throat” line is a strange statement, potentially backed by entirely false statistic information. What has been documented here is just so sickening and sad.

  11. I wonder how many know that none of the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses nor by the person who’s name is on them? Or that at least half of Paul’s letters are considered forgeries, or that the “prophesies” in the old testament purported to validate Jesus as the messiah are taken out of context, or that blood sacrifice is only one of four different methods of atonement?  Oh well, I don’t want to spoil their party.

  12. I wonder how many know that none of the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses nor by the person who’s name is on them? Or that at least half of Paul’s letters are considered forgeries, or that the “prophesies” in the old testament purported to validate Jesus as the messiah are taken out of context, or that blood sacrifice is only one of four different methods of atonement?  Oh well, I don’t want to spoil their party.

  13. I wonder how many know that none of the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses nor by the person who’s name is on them? Or that at least half of Paul’s letters are considered forgeries, or that the “prophesies” in the old testament purported to validate Jesus as the messiah are taken out of context, or that blood sacrifice is only one of four different methods of atonement?  Oh well, I don’t want to spoil their party.

  14. Where’s the Rapture when you need it?

  15. Where’s the Rapture when you need it?

  16. aaah yes, the goddess Ganges and baby killing shots. Wow.

  17. I like the irony of playing Radiohead in the breaks of dialogues…paranoid android…fantastic!

  18. Rock and Roll! wow

  19. Rock and Roll! wow

  20. Rock and Roll! wow

  21. Rock and Roll! wow

  22. Did nobody else notice a lot of those kids are giving the Satanist hand gesture, first finger and pinky raised? Pretty funny really.
    Oh yeah good doco about how easy it is to brainwash children and thats all they are, not one of them had anything real to say that would convince anybody that has rational thought process to bat for their team. Seems to me that as they say in this doco that 38% down to 4% slide in following is a pretty realistic, democratic and logic based society, I hope that more people question garbage that they are told to believe in without researching it for themselves. Not saying don’t believe but at least study all religion and philosophy before you decide.
    I am open to anything except B.S.
    Anyway hope that you read this in the spirit it was intended, I hope peace finds you all.

  23. The Allfather Odin frowns upon such bullshit.

  24. Can modern day christians not be creative and have a good time at a festival?

    Strip back all the religion … is their a problem with these folk having fun?

  25. sooo many hot tight-pussed virgins walking around those festivals. god I’m gonna go pray to god so that he’ll let me go deflower every one of them. they’re obviously idiots (they’re christian), so how hard could it be to stick my face in their muff?

  26. I was hoping for a massive asteroid to fall from the sky.

  27. Dave – what an unpleasant little man you are.

  28. lol Hey Matt, go ahead – If your picking fights with peace loving people like Christians, you probably cant throw much of a punch. I mean, your probably a weak shit, for real.

    “Beat on christians because they don’t like violence” – wow, spoken like a true bitch with a glass jaw.

    • Haha, is that the peace loving Christians that worship a God who throughout the Bible repeatedly orders his followers to destroy anyone that believes differently than them(in false idols), often including direct commands to specifically rape and murder women and children?

      That’s peaceful?

      How about the Christian based western world (led by the U.S today) being the most bloodthirsty entity in human history?

      As if the brutality wrought throughout the “Dark Ages” by the Christian Church, the Crusades, centuries of European Christian imperialism and half a century of proxy wars fought against the atheist communists who worshiped ‘the state’ or community as false idols weren’t enough they still find time to use force to spread “democratic” ideals based on modern western Christian capitalist ideals all over the world all the while also using the Mid East conflict they helped engineer as an excuse to attack the evil Islamic “death cult” and spread Christianity through force.

      Sorry, I haven’t hung out with many Christians lately, is “death cult” still the cool term for the Islamic religion?

      Is turning them all to glass with nuclear fire still a popular idea?

      Certainly there are many peaceful Christians in the world today who do not do anything directly to harm others nor do they actively want to be involved in such things, but they blind themselves willfully and then that is where the military and the billions and billions of dollars in advanced weapons development meant to further and further distance yourselves from the people you slaughter comes in.

      For American Christians in particular it’s much easier to forget their victims are human beings and ignore their own complicity in mass murder if they are just death cult terrorist shapes being targeted on a screen from miles away by some unknown (but always praised) soldiers being commanded by a supposedly non-Christian government that just happens to always have a near complete monopoly of Christian leaders at all levels.

      With that all being said I have been a long time supporter of groups like the Christian Peacemaker Teams and there certainly are plenty of Christians who are willing to stand up for the peaceful beliefs they uphold, but overall they make up far too small a minority of the total Christian society for all Christians to be stereotyped as being that type of Christian.

      Although the history says that it can’t be completely to blame Capitalism is a big piece of the equation that results in those truly good Christians being such a minority these days, a society built on ‘the root of all evil'(money) that upholds beliefs that allow people to do evil deeds and essentially pay God off to forgive them by going to church once a week and saying your prayers and of course paying your dues to the church, since they are the ones who ultimately pay God off.

      Christianity as a public faith is a disturbing beast, even more so when combined with modern capitalistic(money/evil driven) ideals, as a personal faith though it can be a beautiful and truly peaceful thing.

      It really is good to have faith in something, I myself find solace in having faith that the world can truly change for the better and that the human race is capable of a peaceful and productive and sustainable existence in harmony with our environment, and maybe even within my time at that.

      But too many modern Christians uphold a collective faith force-fed to them from birth which ultimately replaces God with the church as it is the Church’s collective faith they are asked to uphold rather than their own and thus it is the church itself they are required to have faith in and are in servitude to, not God.

      And history shows how well that works, the body count is still rising rapidly.

      • the christian church beginning with the early gnostics has always been persecuted and repressed by the political powers of the time, Constantine only created a state church to amalgamate faith in the empire (creating the catholic church). The dark ages and inquisition were not started by these small christian communitites most of them in isolation due to the fact they would be breutally tortured and killed as heretics and dissenters tothe state if found. The bible teaches christianity as an idea of equality peace and selflessness towards each other. i understand that in todays society that christianty has become a vehicle for political power the neo conservatives in america are just one small example of that idea. The culture of muslims being evil and terrorism is more the fault of the use of fear in politics then christianity. christians arnt the blame for the anti muslim sentiment anymore then they are for global warming or the fear of communism. There are alot of people who call themselves christians that are violent and bigoted but if you use a little common sense and rational thinking you can see them for what they are. as christ said in the bible you will know someone by their fruit. anyway, i really enjoyed your post and agree with you in most of it,

        peace and happiness to you.

  29. hit the Christians on both of their cheeks…

  30. I am a Christian but this documentary is horribly put together. There are multiple aspects to the Creationfest, including many worship sessions, (not just head banging music). I felt they only covered one aspect of it, also the fact that they only interviewed a couple of artist who are unknowns shows you that they just did this with their homemade camera. I was disappointed to see a movie done about creationfest only to kind of make it look weird.

    • that’s because it is weird. there’s no two ways about, no grey area. it’s weird as shit that people still follow an extreme 2,000 year old cult and that they’ll twist it’s rules to attract young people. it’s scary and disgusting and should be a fringe movement that tourists go see. oh and about them not covering more of the creationist movement: this was about creationfest, not the entire movement. it’s such a strange, sad thing that all these kids with so much potential are being brainwashed and ruined. hopefully some of them will make it out of it. glad I did.

    • Trust me the weird began when it stated it was a documentary about Creation-fest.

      The whole rock and roll thing didn’t help either. I’m sure Jesus frowned upon this. As he asks you to be modest in all things. Hahaha, if he was real I mean.