Jew-Man Business

Jew-Man Business, besides having a seminally anti-semitic title is a documentary about the struggle faced in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is one of the worlds poorest countries which has seen it’s fair share of destruction due to a civil war which tore the country apart for 11 years resulting in the death of about 50,000 people.

This 40 minute documentary by Maya Christensen, Mats Utal and Christian Vium sets out to show us how life is on the streets of Freetown, following three young men, of which one is living on the street (Bone Thug), another Junior, who is trying to leave the street life of crime behind him and finally, Ice-T, a former rebel soldier. Jew-Man Business portrays a real hardship as it follows these men through their daily routine.

This all takes place in a sub section or ghetto of Freetown known as Belgium where a thriving world of informal trading occurs, some of which is illegal. Those involved in this type of trading are known locally as “Jew Men”.

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  1. I have not watch this documentary. My comment is in regard to the shallow and uninformed review summary in reference to the “anti semitic” title. The Jew in China is considered cunning and deceptive and is respected for those threats. So the term given for the title may very well be a positive connotation. Let the viewer decide and step into the larger world where the Jew has many sides.