JFK: The Lost Bullet

It’s been called the most important pieces of film evidence of all time. Locked away in the vaults of the National Archives, the original Zapruder film that captured the vital 11 seconds of President John F Kennedy’s assassination sits tattered and untouchable.

JFK: The Lost Bullet uses exclusive eyewitness testimony, newly restored film footage, and never seen before images of the shooting, this documentary investigates the JFK assassination.

For nearly 50 years experts have poured over crude copies of this extraordinary film for clues as to what really took place in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

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  1. The whole documentary is backwards, can it be corrected?

  2. The whole documentary is backwards.

  3. If you want to see a great documentary on this subject search “JFK II – the Bush connection” It’s amazing. This doc however is garbage. These guys only proved their incompetence

  4. Has there ever been a conspiracy documentary where the person(s) financing the project didn’t get the results they were hoping to achieve? From a dramatic and entertainment perspective this documentary was well done but like every other conspiracy documentary it raises just as many questions as it attempts to solve.

  5. This documentary was terrible…

  6. This video is not worth the time to view the video – period. There is documented evidence that a bullet went through and through the front windscreen… Photographed and remarked by emergency room physicians – next there was a bullet hole in the vehicle console dashboard – next there was a bullet entrance wound in the back of JFK and another “clean” entrance wound in the front of his neck -again photographed and remarked by medical professionals. Further to the same a bullet collided with the street curb so far that is 1 in the back 1 in the front/neck 1 off the curb 1 through the windscreen 1 in the dashboard and 1 in the head ; that does not account for the bullet officers dug out of the grass… Or any fragments and/or full bullets that struck the Govener…. Thus to comment concerning the “missing bullet” is rubbish and more government propaganda – poorly researched. Does not fit with acoustic evidence… Does account for gun smoke and gun report of witnesses inclusive of gun smoke photographed…

    • Lee, I don’t get where any of that comes from. I have 50 books on the assassination from all the leading researchers and NONE of them have a clue what you’re talking about.

  7. Give me a another explanation of why almost all eyewitnesses who saw Kennedy’s head wound, describe a massive exit wound in the back of his skull. And another explanation for the accepted government version of a virtually intact bullet found on the stretcher, next to the stretcher that bore Kennedy. And another explanation for why people were running up the grassy knoll. This videos for the kids, for whom this is ancient history., to cause them to doubt the treachery of the government and be willing to kill in wars, people who the government want dead, so they can take their resources.Do a video on the Gulf of Tonkin attack. No deaths or injuries, or damage, which was used as a justification by our government, to drop more bombs on Nam, then they did in WWII. And they put me in Fed prison, Portsmith because I read the report in the brig and was ready to die refusing to help the US kill those people who had done nothing , whatsoever to the United States.

  8. Occam’s Razor and the thorough scientific research of this documentary pretty much settles the issue for me as to where and when the three shots came from. The real question is who was involved. I don’t trust the government then or now. It’s water under the bridge at this point, but fascinating. Great job!

    • The author of this documentary made an important point when he stated that almost every JFK conspiracy theory relies on the Zapruder film. The real question for me is why Time kept the public in the dark about it’s existence for so long. Surely someone of importance at Time viewed the film, realized how important it was and notified the FBI. It’s unlikely the FBI after seeing that film would have returned the original footage to Time so that opens up a whole other area for investigation.

      • The FBI saw the file before Time bought it. And Time kept is close because it was so gruesome. Which is what Zapruder wanted. There is so much of this already out there, just do the research.

    • The missing bullet has to do with the fact that three shell casings were found on the sixth floor of the book depository. Two bullets are assumed to have caused Kennedy’s neck and head wounds and the third bullet has been assumed to have caused the minor injury to a bystander, who was standing down at the end of the street, near the overpass, and who was cut by a piece of concrete, that was kicked up by the bullet hitting the pavement.

      What has puzzled experts about the assassination, is why Oswald apparently missed hitting Kennedy, when the limo slowed down almost to a dead stop, as it turned the sharp cornier right in front of the book depository. How could an experience marksman like Oswald, have missed when Kennedy was that close but managed to hit him twice when he was much further away and moving faster?

      At approximately 40 minutes and 45 seconds into the video, you see film from a CIA re-enactment of the assassination, that was done 5 days after the event and was filmed from the same window, that Oswald allegedly used to shoot Kennedy. You see the limo turning in front of the building and passing underneath a streetlight, which now has what appears to be a hole in the metal frame. The documentary producers then claim that Oswald did fire the third (actually the first of three) bullets at Kennedy but that first bullet hit the streetlight frame, penetrated it and then changed direction radically so that it headed down the street to hit the concrete pavement and kick up the piece of concrete that injured the bystander.

      It all sounds very convincing to anyone, who wasn’t aware that Kennedy had a third wound, which was a very shallow entry wound in the back of the right shoulder but no exit would. To me it seems obvious that the first shot hit the streetlight frame, punched thru it as the doc producers claim, continued on in the same trajectory but with less energy, and hit Kennedy in the shoulder, without enough penetration energy left to go all the way thru. That implies that the bullet, which kicked up the concrete chip way down the street, was a FOURTH bullet and since no one has ever claimed that Oswald fired four shots, that would mean that there had to have been at least one more shooter. Once you understand that there was a third wound, and you see the hole in the frame from the CIA re-enactment, everything falls into place.

      The proof of a conspiracy is there in plain sight but only if you know about the third wound.

    • A little bit of pseudo science & you’re convinced? I thought this “doc” was garbage.

      • It’s pretty clear here that the documentary crew became so enthralled with the high tech toys they had to work with that they eventually ignored science principles altogether. The later part of this documentary is particularly bad as they state they can determine the actions of the sniper based on the positioning of 3 bullet casings on the floor. That is pure fantasy and laughably ludicrous. There are simply too many unknowns and variables in that situation to make any findings more accurate than a blind guess.

      • Show how much of an idiot you are then

  9. Interesting possible twist to the theory to do with bullet deflection/trajectory, some great HD footage from different angles. Worth watching.