The Jihadis Next Door

Radical Islam seems to be spreading within the United Kingdom, especially in light of the recent terror attacks seen in Manchester and London. The government however seems to be cracking down, when The Jihadis Next Door was released they had just made supporting ISIS a crime and increasing levels of security nationwide.

As control tightens we see filmmaker Jamie Roberts spend two years with one of the most extreme groups in Britain, meeting the YouTube sensation, the extreme provocateur and most shockingly a hate preacher who would become one of the worlds most wanted men, his name is Abu Ramaysah.

Originally released in 2016, at the time Abu Rumaysah was suspected of being the British jihadi known as “Jihadi John”, the man who appeared in several of ISIS films where he could be seen cutting the heads off his victims.

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  1. But he’s claiming welfare for chronic fatigue. Bloody UK. And that’s another thing, apart from a solitary Muslim on Muslim killing in Scotland, how is it that you never hear of jihadist attacks in Scotland, Ireland or Wales? Anyone?

    • I beleive it is because of the tight relationship the UK has with the USA .lets keep in mind all americans originally were from the UK. What the USA want to do…Britain usually goes allong with. Not as a puppet…bus as a solidarity partner. And every country needs at least one other to back it up in times of trouble. I am of Irish birth…and live in canada. I have many Muslim friends who are very kind , decent and give me no reason for concern. They never speak of the superiority of Islamic teachings. yet if I was running the UK and had a small group of hate mongering persons always threatening to disrupt my society with violence and death….I would easily cast them out of the country. So why does the UK Govt take away their passports? Send them away. problem solved. 7 years ago I watched a Documentary called ” The Third Jihad” . It seriously affected my view on radical Muslims. And pls keep in mind 95% Muslims are not Radical & vicious. This Doc shocked me. There is definitly a bigger hostile takeover in play by the Radicals….the Terrorists…..the Religious Fanatics. Pls watch the Doc “The Third Jihad” . It will; seriously cause you fear.

  2. Enough talk and video’s it’s time to waste the fuckers, when I see that guy yelling at the police officer I would knock him into next week, they won’t adapt to the culture well go back to your sandbox, here in Canada sopmeone yell’s at a police officer like that, first 5 seconds flat his handcuffed and once at the police station well….let him try again and see what happens.
    I’m so sick and tired of these fuckers who think that they going to rule the world, close your borders to all muslim period (I know there is the ”moderate” ones) well fuck them to why ? You don’t see them protesting against the radical ones that shit don’t fly with me if you suck on ass pretty soon you will be choking on shit !