Jimi Hendrix: His Final 24 Hours

This film explores the reasons why Jimi Hendrix demise became shrouded in rumour, gossip and falsehoods. The authorities and media quickly dismissed the death of Hendrix as just another drugged rock star casualty.

For the first time, the circumstances leading to Jimi’s tragic death can be examined as the producers of Jimi Hendrix: His Final 24 Hours present new and compelling evidence. Evidence, which may reopen the inquiry into what may have been for certain parties, a convenient death.

You will have to decide for yourself just what happened on September 18th 1970 in a small, private hotel situated in the Notting Hill area of London.

On September 18, 1970, rock history experienced the loss of one of its most prominent, innovative, and challenging talents under exceedingly mysterious circumstances. Jimi Hendrix’s case was closed quickly, a little too quickly, as the evidence presented in this compelling documentary suggests.

The film draws on previously undisclosed information, leading to conclusions about who stood to gain from Jimi’s death, and what they have to say is convincing enough, and controversial enough, to possibly reopen the case.

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