Jimi Hendrix the Uncut Story

Those looking for historical details, insights, and heartfelt testimonials from family, friends, music industry royalty, and fellow musicians will be greatly satisfied with Jimi Hendrix: The Uncut Story. One would obviously expect a documentary spanning Hendrix’s life and career to include the most important facet of the man: his music and him performing that music live. However, The Uncut Story has none of Hendrix’s original music.

There are loads of great clips of Hendrix’s performances, and lots of photos and stock video footage, but none of them are set to Hendrix’s music. This is without a doubt the strangest thing about this documentary. The film is not endorsed or authorized by the James Marshall Foundation or Experience Hendrix, LLC, which is probably the reason the music was not allowed to be used. But even so, skeptics should shelve any prejudices that this documentary is not a high-quality representation of the master himself.

The content and attention to detail is exceptional. Another impressive aspect of the documentary is the number of songs that are analyzed by friends and family. Lack of music aside and the puzzling fact that the three-hour program is spread over three discs, it may be safe to say Jimi Hendrix: The Uncut Story is one of the best documentaries on the life of Hendrix that has been made. Fans looking for the story behind the music will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. What song is playing during ending credits of episode one?
    So chill😎
    I googled and Shazammed but nothing came up.


  3. It pays to try to listen and play some of his songs. He’s one of my inspirations!

  4. Who is your favourite? Hendrix. Everything you need is in that man’s music.

  5. Without a doubt the most intimate Hendrix documentary I’ve ever seen.

  6. Awesome Video! Jimi Hendrix is the man.

  7. I wanna be balls deep inyo love!

  8. YEAH–BOIII!!!!

  9. The Great, Late James Marshall Hedrix, R.I.P.
    Much Love and Respect,