Joan of Arc: God’s Warrior

On the 8th of May 1429, the town of Orlean in France erupted in celebration, for seven long months it had been under siege by the English but now after just four days of fighting, the town had been liberated and the people of Orlean knew they had witnessed a miracle. The speed of their liberation was astonishing enough but what confirmed it as a miracle was the identity of their liberator, she was a peasant girl and she was just 17 years old. Her name was Joan, she was a truly extraordinary figure, a female warrior in an age where people believed that women couldn’t fight, let alone lead an army.

To understand Joan’s story we need to explore a world where God and the Devil are both real. Today we are more aware than we have been, perhaps for centuries of the power of faith to drive people to do extraordinary things, for good or ill and in a world where Gods will is at work, anything is possible.

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  1. Tmmy Boo, fuck you bro. Why don’t you present something yourself or don’t watch the damn thing. Nobody is forcing you to

  2. Helen Castor is one of the worst presenters and writers of documentaries. Facts are loosely ignored and interpreted to mean whatever sounds most shocking or offensive to the public. These documentaries are pure fiction!

    • I’m watching Castor’s Joan of Arc doc right now. The facts of Joan’s case are known, documented, and not in dispute. That’s what Castor is covering here. Why do you call it fiction?