Josie: The Most Hated Woman in Britain?

Twenty four year old Josie Cunningham became infamous back in 2013, after getting a £4,800 breast enlargement at the British taxpayer’s expense. She pleaded with the National Health Service (NHS) doctors to take her from a 32A to 32DD, claiming years of bullying over her flat chest had ruined her life. As a child, she was diagnosed with a benign breast disorder which prevented her from developing breasts. According to Josie’s mother, this bullying was actually quite horrific and involved many assaults which included petrol being poured over her daughter, washing lines being wrapped around her neck, as well as being urinated on.

After going through years of consultations, the NHS finally decided to approve the life-changing operation and Josie opted for a 32DD. Afterwards, she spotted an opportunity to tell her story and make some money at the same time. Replying to an advertisement posted by a tabloid newspaper called The Sun, she stated that she had just had her boobs done by the NHS and now had aspirations of becoming a glamour model. As you can imagine the paper was only too eager to publish a piece on her. The headline read “New Hooters Service” a play on NHS, and the piece was less than flattering towards Josie, taking her story completely out of context and ignoring the anti-bullying message Josie was trying to get across.

After Josie’s tale of free breast enlargement propelled her to frontpage notoriety one of the most interested readers was a club promoter and agent, Rob Cooper who hatched a plan for them both to cash in. One of Rob’s first stunts was to have Josie posing with only NHS tape across her chest, from here they set about manufacturing as much controversy as possible. Together they have created a monster, but Josie seems only happy to feed off of that image, for all she’s worth.

Directed by: Blake McGrow

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  1. Spelling mistake: LEAST.

    How to edit comments?

  2. I forgot to mention the spiders on her eyes
    her tattoos, and actually enjoys all the attention- even the hate – because it generates her income. …yet she cries when people she knows talk poorly about her.

    So after all MY negativity- here’s some free life tips:

    •Josie, PLEASE use your money to get yourself and your children into therapy.
    (And your codependent disillusioned Mother)

    It’s apparent you are dealing with your bullying wounds in a very unhealthy way, and you have some much needed healing to do – and your children desperately require it.


    •For the next few years, only make decisions that your therapist approves of, especially regarding your children.

    •Enroll your children in sports and other hobbies.

    •FIRE ROB.

    Begin an actual career that your children would be PROUD OF.


    •Find a stable, securely employed man who loves children and respects women, go to premarital counseling, get married and give those children a healthy family with two parents that will love and support them …
    and place THEIR NEEDS FIRST.

    Good Luck.

  3. I am SO DISGUSTED. 🤮

    She the epitome of TRASH. Scrounger, Tart and HORRIBLE Mother.
    All three children should be taken away IMMEDIATELY.

    1.She looked SO much better with small breasts (not the “no breasts” she claimed that were deformed) and natural lips, nails and hair.
    Her DUCK lips are so obviously FAKE – like her obnoxious low class nails (WHO does Sparkle anymore??)

    So between her nasty, unbrushed purple hair, cheap clothes, tackiest make-up

    Her overall look is so incredibly sloppy, like she doesn’t shower …..
    she is so GROSS!

    Ans her Mom is SO PROUD??

    Dragging her kids around while she negotiates deals on a city sidewalk as they play on bike racks – just inches from active traffic – breathing in chemicals at a Nail Salon- she SMOKES while pregnant..talking about grown up things around them,
    swearing like a sailor in between her first grade vocabulary??…

    ….then brags about all the money she’s making “to support her kids” for a STABLE LIFESTYLE?? It’s the polar opposite!

    And she can’t afford a BABYSITTER??

    She’s using her children as pawns. And is oblivious that by encouraging and admitting she’s “the most HATED woman” – it ABSOLUTELY WILL AFFECT her children- THEY will end up innocent collateral damage and be bullied.

    And Rob will be gone in a flash the instant the money dries up- and could care LESS about her and her children.

    It’s so sick and wrong!!

    • I’m so glad to see that we are blessed enough to have a real life moral authority such as yourself here in the comments section.