The Joy of Mozart

Mozart, other worldly genius, childlike naif, divine gift from god, serene marble bust of transcendent perfection all of it is the stuff of myth and legend and in this film, Tom Service dives right into the life of Mozart in an attempt to try and rediscover the greatness and humanity of the living man in his moment.

Mozart was a human being just like you and me except he could express the pain and pleasure, the joy and darkness of being human more completely and more humanly than any other composer. His music isn’t merely perfect or beautiful, or genius, it’s visceral, violent, avant-garde and powerfully expressive and it was written by a composer and a person who is still modern today, someone who made mistakes and tried unbelievably hard to make them right. Welcome to the Joy of Mozart.

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  1. So this whole documentary is objecting to how Mozarts legend has been exploited? He offers not one area where our present knowledge is incorrect, it just bothers him that the real Mozart got lost somewhere in the marketing of him? So absurd….the real Mozart is in his music. It is preserved just as he wanted it to be in every note. Who judges Mozart by the street vendors? Do any of us think Christmas is really about Santa? Do we think the shoot out at the OK corral was exactly as a movie portrays? This doc offers no new info about Mozart. The fact that he was a real person & not perfect is not a news flash. The only thing I found interesting were his hand written lyrics on his music, straight out of the bible. I had no idea he was religious.