Just Melvin, Just Evil

Just Melvin, Just Evil is the most disturbing documentary you’ll ever see. It is a very hard to find documentary about the tormented family of Melvin Just, a man almost too evil to be believed.

In it, they detail their experiences of abuse over decades, at his hands, even admitting to knowing of a murder he committed to keep his crimes quiet.

Four generations of sexual abuse, substance abuse, terrible secrets, neglect, and violence are explored in Just Melvin, Just Evil. In a large American family ravaged by alcohol and suppressed trauma, it seems that only one member “made it out.”

This man is James Ronald Whitney, who was brave enough to use this documentary as an outlet to explore his family’s history, searching for answers (and closure) to the horror suffered by himself and his relatives.

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  1. Theses poor babies. ..never stood a chance against this monster. There’s a special place in hell for men like this. ..and a special place in heaven for kids like this too. ..I say kids because even though they’re all grown, there’s a hurting child in all of them, that never got justice, except to have a voice through this documentary. Melvin Just should have spent the rest of his days in jail, at the very least. So sad.

  2. I would torture that fucking devil, and he would disappear.

  3. This was an incredible documentary. That poor family was so ravaged by the evil spirit of that man. Its a shame society doesn’t take things like this more seriously.

  4. I think everything they have endured ,things we can’t imagine in our worst nightmare was life to them..They seemed to grow up in poverty, and even bathing wasn’t a priority.. What else do they know? What would you think would happen to these poor children? What they would grow up and go to college marry well, pick out curtains and china patterns? Sit back for once and imagine being told to insert crayons in your vagina, having sex with your siblings how one sister said the other “liked” it..They have no idea about sexual abuse and the the ramifications that come with it..they were abused at a very early age and none of them had a so called “wall” built up that contained good memories..I feel bad to say it but I see nothing good happening to any of these poor women without extensive help..the brother wants to live as husband and wife with his sister..There was no chance for these poor women at all..But the children OMG she was already abused why is someone not doing anything to save them?

  5. The director (Whitney) has to be one of the bravest men on earth, to expose all this. Hopefully he is happy now. This documentary should have been nominated for an Oscar.

  6. He rescued them from obscurity.

  7. Please tell me someone helped this poor family . He destroyed these wemon
    You can see how smart and wonderful each of them are .who they could have been Peeks through And they are really amazing people…
    But the majority of the time they are still broken abused little girls .
    I found my self yelling at the video .saying he’s not daddy dam it get mad let it out …..
    So in the beginning of the film he seid he will either see him in jail or kill him . Then at the end he seid he kept his promise.. Did he kill him ?

  8. Although this is a REALLY disturbing documentary, I saw MANY great and funny things about this family! What a great pianist he is! Congratulations! Loved the Ed McMahon performance! Jerry was awesome. I see myself in her especially throwing that dirt into the grave and the pastor trying to get her to control herself! I couldn’t stop laughing! Great people. Love that family

  9. Damn, he died before we could kill him…there is always Desecration of the grave though…

  10. And Bravo, to the director/narrator for pinning this evil motherfucker down on camera and showing to the world what a scumfuck he is. It is so fucking awful that humanity produces so many of these types. We should just voluntarily go extinct. VHEMT

  11. Can we as the internet come together to collectively kill this man?

  12. let’s just mute all the criticism…
    this is SUCH a brave documentary on all parts… my breath was literally taken
    away at times knowing that someone else’s family has gone through this also…
    sure, there were parts that i didn’t understand (i.e. the daughter’s hugging
    him or visiting him), but then again there are parts that so mirrored my story
    that many other folks will never understand…

i believe the point of this
    documentary is to inform – inform those ignorant of the issue how things are
    for some people, and to inform those who have gone through it that they are not

when the one daughter was so enthusiastically throwing dirt on her
    father’s grave… 

i wish i could thank this gentleman for documenting that…

    • The daughter hugged him because some people have to ‘forgive’ to have closure and move forward in their lives and not let it eat them up from the inside out. ..which is very toxic, mentally and physically.

  13. What an evil evil man. May he rot in hell. I have no pity for someone like him.

  14. The documentarian and all the family members who spoke in this documentary are incredibly brave and honorable people. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and wishes for peace and happiness to the documentarian and all the strong survivors in this family.

  15. Disturbing but blatantly truthful documentary. The hurt these women suffered goes so deep it’s a wonder any of them are still alive.

  16. Excellent video. So sad. I found myself wishing he would push the old creep off into the water in his wheelchair. His actions ruined so many lives. Unfortunately, none of the girls had the guidance needed to heal themselves. I wish the mothers would have also been prosecuted. They surely don’t deserve any support in their old age. Seriously.

  17. to some of the posters below who seem to think that zero happened or zero was done in regards to bringing this piece of shit to justice; they need to re-watch this incredible documentary. He did do 8 yrs. for the molestation in prison, (which obviously wasn’t enough) he even molested his grand-daughter I believe these monsters NEVER stop.
    ALSO; people need to remember this happened a LONG time ago, social climates were different in regards to child abuse (although still today these monsters get away with it constantly, my abuser is walking free, but I wll forever be chained by what was done to me.
    ALSO; I can’t BELIEVE that some posters said that they “are using the abuse as an excuse to drink/etc.” YOU HAVE NO IDEA what this does to someone, from the very beginning of your life you are horribly abused by the person that is supposed to protect you. It is forever devestating, really the worst thing that can be done to someone and at the most innocent/vulnerable time of life.
    About the murder, I believe he dumped her body in the woods, the house wasn’t seen w/the blood I”m sure it was cleaned up very soon afterwards, no DNA back then, blood-spatter lights, etc. There are many murderers walking free all over the place that no one will ever know about from many different decades, even now of course too.
    Great job to the Film Maker! I would LOVE to have the nerve/courage to do what you did!

  18. I loved (for lack of a better word) this documentary, it’s obviously a very painful serious subject, but I really grew to admire the people in it. And I found it very interesting to hear these people tell their story and to see their inner character. But it’s sad that such horrific abuse goes on in homes and how it can affect and destroy a life. And the ending, with them hugging him and all of that, I don’t think anybody that hasn’t been through something like that or something similar could understand what went on there, must be very conflicting emotions there. And not all people are strong enough to deal with bad things that come their way and not all people are in the position to get the help they need, such as therapy, just like not all people are in the position to get the medical help they need. And I think that if something like that had happened to me as a child, I think I wouldn’t of have either been able to get over it and I honestly think I would’ve gone the self-destructive path like so many of those girls did. But then again, just like with me saying that and with the people saying that they should’ve gotten over it and gotten help, you really can’t know unless you’ve been in their situation and really just unless you’ve been in their mind. I find it sad and rather narrow-minded that people are just calling them stupid hillbilly’s, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This man is obviously despicable and it’s of course frustrating that the mother chose to ignore what was happening, and also that she didn’t take her daughter’s and herself out of the situation.

  19. Disturbing, I am speechless.

  20. makes no sense. child protective service visits, blood all over and he wasnt the main suspect? One girl gives police vasoline and hotdog and police do nothing because siblings wouldnt tell. Police had to know their house was the last home visited and they dont put 2 and 2 togeather? Why didnt any of these girls sue social services when they became of age? wasnt the social worker replaced? Im sure they were molested but something doesnt add up here.

    • I am not vexman,but his wife commenting.
      i saw this during a sexual abuse and trauma class in college. It all very much makes sense, Deb. Even in those days Social worker and Departments charged with protecting children were understaffed even in the big cities. There was not a lot of support or acknowledgment for victims. Kids who reported got removed from homes, maybe, leaving the others behind. The murder, as i recall, when he went after and beat, and buried the social worker happened out of the house, he came back in and the terrified family never brought it up. A little girl i knew in the 70s was molested, the judge through it out. The hospital was in denial. A friend, an older woman told me she remembers a neighbor girl confiding she had been molested in her home by her step father, My friend notified the authorities. This resulted in nothing happening except the kid no longer being allowed to go visit her anymore.

  21. I cant believe what I am seeing here… at the end, everyone goes up and hugs him. what a ridiculous, ridiculous family. the mother’s should be shot for allowing him in there lives, knowing what he was doing… so many women, silently conspire against there own kids by allowing nutcases into there lives.. and they are equally to blame. He is a complete maniac, and he deserves to die in slow horrendous pain. Oh, but the family still loves him and goes and visit him and gives him all this love. MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • These girls are using their pasts as a crutch and excuse not to do any better with their lives…Im not saying it didnt happen, Im sure it did, as children they couldnt do anything about the situation, that was up to their sorry, no good mothers, who deserve punishment as surely as Melvin..But…these kids are adults now…get help, get up and get over it. Quit using it as an excuse to drink. be homeless and uneducated.. I was in a very similar situation as a child. I didnt let it ruin and rule my whole life. Then they all go visit and hugging on him at the end ??…Really ??…If this man totally ruined your life, your spirit, and you cant be or do anything with your life because of it, why would you do this ?…I have no sympathy at all for these woman. Its their choice to let it continue to rule them.

      • Woooooow !
        Wth, just wow. Holly sheet your UGLy…
        Your remark is even more disgusting than mr just.
        It is in all likelihood the most ignorant comment that i have ever seen or heard anyone say ever!!!!!
        Wow .

        • He had just raped his daughter recently the abuse was still happening hell his aunt was inappropriate on the film …flash him her tits her rights and wrongs are gooone . They stoped growing metaly as children. You don’t just shake it off like you would when the guy nextdoor molests you.this is your father and AND ! the children were molestiing each other .. It is mentality debilitating what happened to them and to top it of both mothers allowed it . Putting the young girls in bed with him and taking for ever conveniently to come back … Arhhg

      • As bad as this was I get it that their confidence and emotional being was totally destroyed. And somewhere in their minds its still Ok to be destroyed because it was implemented in their life.

      • Its because of shallow, narcissistic imbeciles like yourself that are incapable of empathy, that the world is in such dire straits……… illiterate cretin, you really ought to go read a psychology book.

        Your obscene lack of intelligence is abhorrent to say the least..

        • Sio…I am a very unshallow person, I do feel for these woman as children who had to go thru this nightmare…But dont keep running to him expecting anything to be different, recognize that you do need help, with childhood issues, with alcohol and drugs, and get that help. There are too many organizations out there willing to help for someone to be in this position. As I said, I grew up in a very similar household. I had to laugh at your remark for me to read a psychology book, or as you said ” any book “..I read ALOT,..And believe it or not even wrote a few short storys…Try to hold back your gasp…lol. I suppose I did come across as unfeeling, but I am not, how did you put it ?…An “illiterate cretin “…You did just what you said I did, you judge me without knowing me. Like I said, maybe I did appear cold, shallow & narcissistic to you, just like they appeared to be using their childhood issues as crutches to me….I do hope they get the help they so badly need, they just didnt appear to want it is all I was saying, It seemed to me they are just happy to drift along without trying to improve things for themselves. Maybe both of us made a mistake, Me, thinking the worst of these woman and you Sio, thinking the worst of me, calling me names without knowing me….Yep your right, that is probably why the world is in dire straits..each of us thinking the worst…Truce ?

      • Anna. I think they went to see him for closure. They wanted to see if they could forgive this man , but I highly doubt they could. You need to rewatch this show b/c evidently you didn’t see it all. These poor woman are scared for life b/c of one evil man who raped them as children. They carried that over into their adulthood.

      • oooh, is that a chip on your shoulder?

        how humble of you.

      • wow, you’re a monster

      • you might be one of the biggest morons ive experienced on the internet, fucking idiot

      • Check your privilege.

    • I understand how you see this. But it is difficult to understand this family unless one lived a similar existence. Sadly the lack of belief or understanding is what allows these children to go unprotected. It still goes on today.
      I am not a social worker, I am a survivor. What amazes me is how all the children, now adults, have not all turned on one another. Often the siblings are pulled apart and each suffer their own hell for ever and ever.
      It is true that mother’s are at fault for turning a blind eye. No excuses other than the fact that one cannot leave this type of person. He will find you .. He will break down your door, he will never give you peace. When we meet someone how can we ever imagine that this could result from our union? I commend this young man for creating this video. It is horrible to watch but it has to be revealed. No one can help us when we are in this situation. The abuser lies so well. And we are so afraid to contradict his lies. Often we are questioned in front of our abusers. One child may go forth and tell but the others are so afraid they will not. Perhaps they have tried and learned that no one can help.

  22. Extremely sad documentary. Very disturbing legacy left by a cruel and twisted individual narrated in a captivating manner.