Justice: A Cross The Universe

Extraordinary things always happen when unexpected. During the 18 months Justice spent touring, “extraordinary” didn’t necessarily mean “amazing”, or “great”, (though it sometimes did) but “surreal”, “weird”, “horrendous”, “fascinating”, “paranormal”, etc. To cut a long story short, it means that without anyone to film you twenty-four/seven, no one will believe or get the essence of every moment you’d like to tell them about. So as Justice were about to tour the USA for the second time, multi-awarded directors and intimate friends of the band Romain Gavras and So-Me taped every second of that 3 week tour that looks like it lasted 3 years. This documentary isn’t a report of a Justice live show (the audio CD is here for that), but is all about the extraordinary things that can happen when a bunch of frogs get dropped in dreamy America.

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  1. The embedded youtube video is cut off about 7 minutes before the actual documentary ends. the full length can be found here instead:

  2. Pretty pitiful if this is supposed to be entertaining or informative.  I never heard of them and at the end of the film I wondered what they do?  Apparently, they are glorified DJ’s playing with electronics.

    The only thing I liked was the bus driver.  The rest of them can rot, and seemed well on their way to nowhere.

    • You watched a documentary about a band you’ve never heard of.  Your argument is invalid.

    • why would you bother watching a documentary on a group you don’t know/like..? protip: electronic music is just as difficult, if not more difficult to make than your conventional music.

  3. Am I the only one who realises its in French?

  4. Part 7 is broken, and there´s a good part missing here. Try these links instead:
    Part 6:
    and Part 7:

  5. God is actually a real dick head when you get to know him

  6. This film should be renamed Time: You’ll Want It Back

    • I’ve read a million comments but yours is the 1st to make me laugh….and because of that I think I will listen and give this one a pass.

  7. Who’s the bald gun FREAK?