Recently we have seen Kanye West flat out releasing new music, from Pusha T’s album Daytona to his own projects Ye and Kids See Ghosts and more to come from Nas and others. With this flood of new music we see YouTuber True Geordie drop a new episode for his True Life Stories series which focuses on the man himself, Mr. West.

It is a documentary which takes us from the birth to the current day in the life of Kanye West. We see how he managed to kick start his career by producing beats for Jay-Z to the release of his debut classic The College Dropout. With this rise to fame he went on to dominate the music charts for over a decade now.

This film also touches on the more personal side to Kanye, we see how the death of his mother greatly effected him and how he went on to marry Kim Kardashian, having two children which seemed to have given him the love and stability he needed.

We delve into the depths of his mind, trying to better understanding the reasoning for his sometimes crazy antics and how his fans feel about him showing support for Donald Trump.

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