Karachi: Pakistan’s Most Violent City

“Sure, we hear about violence in Pakistan all the time, but in 2011, more than three times as many people were killed in Karachi than the number of people killed in American drone strikes in the tribal areas. VICE explores the seedy underbelly of this ultra-violent metropolis of more than eighteen million people, and meet the players who make Karachi one of the craziest cities on earth.” – From Vice

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  1. I am certain to be regurgitating my dinners if Maya has the brain mistake to place me in Pakistan. Be leaving Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan forthwith you terrible fellows, isn’t it?

  2. @Christina Panj means five (in Dari at least), but hamza certainly does not mean 5.

  3. @Waqar ahmad I am sure that the majority of the populace is good. Like every other country, it is those in power who fuck it all up. The ones in Pakistan are just fucking it up on a massive scale.

  4. Pakistan is responsible for soooo much of the shit going on in Afghanistan, I am not ashamed to admit that I think it is good to see them suck up a little of the violence too. I feel sorry for the average citizen, but that is one corrupt and twisted government.

  5. But still it is producing 25 % budget of the Country Pakistan. There are very good people also.

  6. no different than a few places in America

  7. i am verry sorry

  8. So explain to us how eugenics is related to this sewer of humanity? What literature has not been published, that would be ” groundbreaking”? Louis work, I enjoy it, some of us like to watch and laugh at the filth and squalor these people choose to live in and the corruption and lies that go with it. Divided by BS religions and bloodlines, they are primitive apes with no conscience. Yes, they let them live here, imagine that. Crooked as they come, stab their own mother in the back to make a dollar so to speak. It is worth the time to be shown how they really are, a lot of people are made to think that Country is somehow “civilized”. They are not even in the same sentence as that word. The Keystone Cops make this lot look sane and competent. Never mind the rest of the story. Seriously.

  9. —-STILL MORE demoralization ops from the Oxford-Fabian,
    state Globalist propaganda arm, BBC.

    IF American sired Louis’s STILL interested in making truly
    revealing and groundbreaking work, he’ll leave his comfy
    ‘lifer’ gig at the beeb —and unflinchingly turn those cameras
    on such subjects as —EUGENICS.

  10. FORGET Disneyland or Hawaii…I know where I am going.

  11. Violence, primitive and murderous religious beliefs, no respect for women, no respect for life, lazy, filthy and criminal activities…and we allow them to come and live with us!!!…are we crazy?

  12. I’ve been to Karachi. Absolute madhouse. Turf wars, political factional wars, slum wars, drug dealing, ethnic violence, awash with arms. Flying into the city, the captains voice on the planes loudspeaker, “we are now approaching Karachi International”. The stewardess smiles and asks “first time in Karachi?” Yes we reply. Oh take care, its really dangerous.

    The trip was without incident but its a city I will never forget.

  13. Wow. That place is a sewer. All corrupt, all violent, all full of BS. And they have nukes. Awesome.

  14. Hamza means five …just sharing lol.