Karamoja City Warriors

This animated and real life documentary addresses the issues of child
trafficking and begging by the Karamojong women in Uganda. We follow
the story of Lucia Nayep with her children in the city, and their
return to Karamojaland. We talk to the City Council in Kampala, the MP
for central Karamojaland, elders from the village and let the women
who are trafficking the children justify themselves.
Described by the City Council of Kampala as the ‘Karamoja
Problem’, the Government of Uganda and UNICEF estimates up to 2500
Karamojong are on the streets of Kampala – of which 90% are women with
small children.
The film is combined with a 15 minute animated story, which is from
the child’s perspective. Animated pictures and story boards were
created by street children from Kisenyi Ghetto, Kampala.
hetto, Kampala.

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