Katherine Mary Knight

Some crimes can be so undeniably gruesome that they defy logic and have people asking questions forever more, in Aberdeen, NSW, Austrailia, the case of Katherine Mary Knight did just that.

Katherine was a family women but she was also known to have a violent streak in her, brought on by the violent temper she possessed. On the morning of February 30th 2000, Knight attacked her partner John Price and stabbed him repeatedly until he died from blood loss in his own hallway.

Katherine was a woman that not only murdered in cold blood but then went on to commit the most despicable acts after the brutal slaying. Her experience as an abattoir worker and her obsession with knives seemed to have led her to then skin John’s body, decapitate him and cook parts of his body with the goal to serve these parts to his family.

After John’s employer reported him missing to the police one of the most horrific crime scenes in Australian history was discovered, Knight herself was found asleep in bed after having taken several sleeping pills. She was the first female in Australian history to receive life imprisonment without parole.

In this episode of Crimes That Shook Austrailia, we get an exclusive insight into what really went on from the police officers there at the scene.

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