The Ken and Barbie Killers

Paul Bernado and Karla Homolka were Canadian serial killers who attracted worldwide media attention when they were convicted of raping and murdering teenage girls, including Karla’s own sister, Tammy Homolka.

These two serial killers are part of a fairly exclusive group of killers that killed as a couple. Paul Bernardo also admitted raping numerous other women over a period of years, and he eventually brought Karla into the mix. The question most people have when they hear of these murders, is why did Karla do it?

The answers to those questions are ones that we may never have all the answers to, but we certainly have a few. Karla was an active participant in the murders, and even participated sexually alongside and with the girls, mostly for Paul’s affection and at his urging. This was the basis behind Karla’s defense and her reasoning to strike a plea bargain that allowed for her current release. Karla Homolka served only twelve years in prison for her part in the murders.

One thing that we know for certain is that Karla was abused heavily by Paul Bernardo both physically and mentally in their relationship. The record clearly shows brutal beatings and horrible mental abuse perpetrated by Paul Bernardo. The puzzling part of this, however, is that Karla never attempted to get out. She came from a supportive family that surely would have tried to protect her. Could it be that she was afraid of Paul hurting them or her anyway?

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  1. I have NEVER EVER heard of these to lunatics being called Ken and Barbie Killers??? Total BS on that one

  2. canada and usa are full of fags than the greek mythology in my country we will hunt this bitch cut her tits off and shoot her in the face

    • Huh 🤔 what do you mean by this? Who are you talking about doing this to.. Barbie ?

    • What country are you from?? Has to be Iraq or Iran or Arabia

      • Arabia isn’t a country. Saudi Arabia is, and it’s racist for you to say this, very unjustified. Just because there are terrible people from somewhere doesn’t mean as a whole they are bad. Russia was led by awful people for a long long time (still even) but they aren’t all bad. In fact you could say a lot of them are victims. Same with North Korea. Where you are born isn’t your fault. If people in those countries were white I’m sure you wouldn’t be so harsh….

  3. Why does she get to have a normal life when she took others life’s before they got to have a husband and children so why should she get to I don’t get the service today they suck and are not fair at all I vote no privacy for her in any way

  4. I think she should be hung

  5. Why does the media insist on giving so many criminals overly exaggerated titles? “Ken and Barbie”? Karla was a below average homely-looking girl with droopy eyes and Paul has a major gayface. Were they exceptionally ugly? No. Were they particularly good-looking? Not really.

  6. poor girls, that shit makes me hope there’s a god…there needs to be justice outside of court :'(

  7. The same thing happened with the Center City rapist in Philadelphia. Troy eluded the police for 5 years. His composite sketch looked almost nothing like him. What I find the most shocking is how in so many of these cases the police do a good enough job collecting evidence, but then it sits on the shelves for years! They actually took calls from this guy’s friends and did nothing? I wonder how many cases like this have gone unsolved because of denial, bureaocracy, and a lack of method.  

  8. SICK people both of them totally, completely SICK. Hope both burned a in hell.
    She is as sick as he is disgusting feel sick to my stomach…

  9. that dog should have got the same sentence as her beasty boyfriend regardless of her testimony? EVIL BASTARDS

  10. Pretty low budget, badly made documentary. Same 3 photos used over and over again. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  11. Come on sort out the site people are complaing below of interference yet nothign gets done !! the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT

  12. A cheap documentary evolving around the same half dozen footage over and over again. 
    Learned more about that case by myself on google.  

  13. Why is there another program running in the background?

  14. ive always thought this was a fascinating case!, theirs details that make you believe he was the psycho, but then other details make you think she was the one leading him down the path, great story 🙂 

  15. Insane story…. very sad and disturbing.

  16. Insane story…. very sad and disturbing.

  17. I hope the authoritys do things diffrent now even if D.N.A was slow to get at this time , there was enought cause to have priority over other d.n.a. many people and his own friend was said he was a ringer for the rapist in scarborough.Two years were given to this sycophant.

  18. they’re just too attractive to kill anyone? only in Canada.

    • No, here too. The Center City rapist. Many who knew Troy adored him. I thought he was a creep. It’s not that these killers are good looking, it’s that they’ve adapted their personalities like chameleons.

  19. the fuck is the voices in the background?

    am i going nuts or what?

    nah your ok pal

    • hundred percent agree, thought i was going insane, i have headphones on and I keep hearing do i want to go there? english accent…..

  20. i know some of his victims, one of them had a child and i know the mother.

  21. This was a very interesting documentary.


    I cannot believe the authorities let her off easy and that now she has a child!

    Leslie Mahafey, Kristen French and Tammy DESERVED BETTER AND MAYBE WANTED CHILDREN.

    She raped her own sister.

    That’s BRUTALITY Right there.

    I wonder how she is allowed to take care of her child. I hope that she is watched though.

  22. I’ve seen a lot of true crime documentaries and this is the worst!!!! Pure Evil!!! She’s now married with a kid!!?