Kid Criminals

At any one time in the United States there are over 70,000 children being held behind bars. Kid Criminals is a fascinating two part special produced by an award-winning Channel 4 team and in it we explore some of the toughest institutions responsible for housing these juvenile offenders.

As we meet some of the child inmates, we quickly discover that some are responsible for committing the most shocking crimes imaginable. In the state of Indiana, children as young as 10 can be tried as an adult if the crime they committed was deemed to be serious enough or if they are known to be repeat offenders.

We also discover that most of the children found guilty will serve indeterminate sentences, meaning no definite period of time was set during sentencing. The length is instead determined during imprisonment based on the inmate’s conduct.

Episode List:

  1. America’s Youngest Sex Offenders
  2. A New Approach
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