Kidnapped by North Korea

It has now become clear that throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, hundreds, possibly thousands, of men women and children were abducted by North Korea’s Secret Service as ordered by their leader Kim Jung II. Most of these abductions occurred on Japanese soil as well as South Korea but it is believed that nationals from at least 11 other countries including Thailand, Romania, Holland and France were also kidnapped.

The reason for these abductions varies, but some were taken in order to teach North Korean spies their language and culture so that they could become harder to detect when integrated into various societies around the world. Others were taken to become wives for American deserters or North Korean army officers.

In most cases the faith of these abductees is still very much unknown but some have been released after having been held hostage for 40 plus years. Others were killed in captivity and some may still be alive but being held against their will.

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