Kill at Will? America on Trial

Ahead of America’s costliest ever elections, this documentary investigates how powerful lobby groups helped create laws blamed for some of the most controversial killings in recent US history.

The documentary looks at the shooting death of a 17-year-old teenager by neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman, the Texas grandfather Joe Horn’s shooting of two burglars robbing his neighbours house; and the Aurora Theatre mass-shootings (Dark Knight Rises massacre). These events provoked presidential intervention and shone a light on an extreme American law, called “Stand Your Ground”.

It provides immunity from prosecution or, as some say, a License to Kill. But does gun politics also show how America really works?

Kill at Will? America on Trial asks: is American democracy for sale?

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  1. foreigners need to mind their own business. Lets ban football games in Europe! They kill innocent people and incite violence, and promote racism!

  2. Another propaganda film disguised as being a documentary. Clear and one-sided opinion. To inform means to show every aspect, without any emotion or opinion. For example: The people supporting the law clearly believe that the fear of being shot by citizens, will stop criminals from acting out lude behavior. Then show us some statistics of crime rate after the law came in affect, and compare it from those before. Oh, don’t forget to expel the homicides dubbed as self defense under the arm of this particular law.