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In 1783, thousands in Britain died as a result of an environmental disaster, choking on poisonous gases from a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland.

The ensuing winter was one of the harshest ever recorded and claimed even more lives. This forgotten disaster has remained a mystery for the past 200 years. После регистрации учетной записи, следует сразу пройти верификацию учетную запись. Данная процедура позволит получить доступ к выводу выигрыша, а также активации промо-акций. Чтобы верифицировать аккаунт в онлайн-казино Pin up на официальном сайте в России, необходимо перейти в личный кабинет во вкладку «Профиль». Далее игроку необходимо заполнить анкету игрока. В ней нужно указать ФИО, дату рождения, адрес проживания и другую информацию. Также требуется подтвердить электронную почту и номер телефона. Игроку в онлайн-казино Пин Ап Россия нужно загрузить фотографию лицевого разворота паспорта.

‘Timewatch’ reveals the evidence and reviews the likelihood of a repetition.

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  1. The video is gone due to copyright infringement

  2. Shall Europeans invest in their own gas masks? Better safe than sorry, whatever the disaster.

  3. Very interesting program! Not boring at all.. quite informative as well.  Historical information and environmental scientific facts …good stuff 

  4.   I am reserving my comment until, Dec. 25, 2012. If I am still breathing, i will scorch your video for being harsehocky.

  5. 1. It’s the BBC so unlikely to contain fact 2. The ‘volcanic ash’ fiasco a couple of years ago whereby air traffick was disrupted was blown out of all proportion (fake) 3. Iceland gave the middle finger to British/IMF so this is likely connected 4. Never heard of this one before, but will check out 1783 to ascertain what else was happening 5. Likely programming viewers to ‘expect’ a sulphuric acid ‘global dimming’ event, already scheduled by PTB but it will not be from an Icelandic volcanic eruption but from warfare technologies wreaking havoc in the depopulation strategy and ‘gobal warming/cooling/whatever garbage carbon taxes’ 5. There was a meteorite apparently, which ripped through Britian and on to Bolivia in 562 but no word on that!

    • hahah pavolvsBitch(that name serve’s you good) you should get facts before spewing up nonsense about something that you clearly have only let your imagination be the sole ruler of gathering intel on.

    • I would just like to tell you that the eruption in 1783 is real and it killed 1/5 of the Icelandic nation at the time. It is called “Móðuharðindin” and the eruption was from “Lakagígar” just google it and translate 🙂

  6. This documentary is very interesting in that there is still considerable volcanic activity in Iceland and we should all be aware of the horendous implications that Icelandic Volcanic activity had on Britain as well as almost all of western Europe and the countless deaths that were caused by the poisonous gasses back in 1783. It wasn’t that long ago that recent volcanic activity in Iceland caused many shutdowns with trans-oceanic airline flights in and out of Britain. It was fortunate that the same poisonous gasses weren’t as prevalent as in 1783, however I think that we are fortunate to be aware of what happened in the past, thanks to this documentary. There is very little that can be done to control or avert horrendous volcanic activity but we may have a chance of protecting ourselves from it’s seriuosly harmful effects and warning everybody of it’s harmful, impending arrival. It would be good for all who live in Western Europe to watch this video documentary and be wary of thick, sulphuric smelling clouds rolling in from the west across the sea…Murphy’s Law states that this could and probably will happen again.