Killer in the Woods

This is the story of one mans obsessive desire to control and even kill women, throughout his life John Taylor repeatedly found himself being drawn to woods, it was here that he would quietly watch and wait for his next victim.

His crimes went undetected for more than a decade until the year 2000 when he kidnapped and killed 16 year old Leanne Tiernan, it was only when he was convicted of murdering Leanne that Taylor’s secret life came to light. It was then that the police officers who had him convicted spoke with regards to their belief that he may have been responsible for several other unsolved murders, including the 1992 murder of of Yvonne Fitt, a Bradford prostitute.

In 2003 after a lengthy investigation into the unsolved sexual attacks which occurred in the area, Taylor admitted that he committed two separate rapes before killing Leanne Tiernan, for this he received an additional life sentence.

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  1. The crimes were indeed shocking, but it also was the result of factors over which the offender had no control. Science has shown that psychopathy can be identified in extremely young children; it is only their IQ and environmental factors as they develop that ultimately determines whether they will become productive citizens, ruthless psychopaths who excel in careers as such as executives and politicians; or if they become violent killers in society. In each case of these men, their history of violent abuse suffered during childhood, was the catalyst that pushed them into the world of psychopathy. It robbed them of their empathy and any ability they might have had to pursue success in a traditional manner. Because of their lower IQ’s, they lacked the resilience to overcome what they had suffered, just as they lacked positive role models or support when they were young. Their condition caused them to target those they believed to perpetrators of child abuse as an outlet for their rage and state of dysfunction. While they were aware that killing was wrong (whether it was animal abuse or killing humans), that knowledge was overshadowed by their impulses to lash out, coldly and effectively, at those they targeted. And the feeling of power/control that had been absent during their childhoods emerged reinforcing their actions.
    But as a society, especially if it proposes to believe in the concept of justice, then it must also evolve as our understanding of neurology has evolved. It must also take factors into consideration in determining the appropriate means to protect such individuals from harming themselves or others. Besides learning about their predisposition to become psychopaths because of early abuse, those accused of murder should also be evaluated by a neurologist who can use brain imaging that 1) confirms psychopathy if it exists; 2) confirms any brain damage that may have resulted from injuries and if the individual has developed CTE–the degenerative brain disease caused by concussions/brain injury–whether due to accidents, sports, or military service. For example, Chris Benoit and Aaron Hernandez demonstrated symptoms of CTE (poor decision making, indulging in risky behaviors, etc., in the years before degeneration caused by CTE damaged their brains and caused them to become violent. In addition, we have known since the case of Phineas Gage in the late 1800’s that a brain injury to a frontal lobe had the potential to transform one’s personality and induce violent behavior. Therefore, in cases involving violent offenders, a neurological exam and the opinion of neurological experts is critical in determining whether the accused’s actions were beyond their ability to control and/or the result of such factors. If that is indeed the case, jail sentences may not be appropriate.
    If they are psychopaths, like pedophiles, and batterers, who cannot be rehabilitated, putting them in a jail setting only offers them a new arena of victims they can abuse; however, they must be securely monitored and kept away from society. In cases where their offending behavior is caused by CTE, placement in a facility where they can be monitored by neurologists and receive proper care is essential (especially if the offender has not progressed to murder); and neurologists along with other physicians (not quacks=psychiatrists who have jobs only because they classify behaviors they deem “abnormal” and push psychotropic medications from Big Pharma which have not been independently tested for long term results even though they are aware the drugs will change the individual’s brain chemistry—making their involvement the worst form of malpractice).
    Those who rush to proclaim offenders “monsters” or deserving of the death penalty lack the intelligence to understand the effect underlying factors can have on the human brain; and perhaps might consider questioning why they lack empathy themselves. And, society also has to address how it has condoned locking up offenders previously, when elite members of the deep state (bankers, heads of corporations including Big Pharma, Big Oil, and other industries, along with wealthy power brokers) who control the nation’s politics have committed far worse crimes including child sex abuse, human experimentation, genocide (for Australia that would include E. Timor as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan which used WMD’s, ordinance containing depleted uranium, along with exposing troops to chemical/biological toxins (See video Beyond Treason-the Army’s own investigation in Iraq that clarifies where they found caches of WMD’s and explains why they rushed to blow them in place—releasing the toxins into the environment and the impact it had on children in Iraq as well as the impact on troops contaminated who later contaminated their families once back at home). It is no different in that regard from the US, even Canada or the UK; who had leaders guilty of treason. Wherever troops have been used, one only has to question who profits? It always comes back to those in the deep state. They profit from war; they profit from geoengineered weather disasters, and they profit from destabilizing/dividing populations to keep them from asking questions and focusing on the depth of corruption.
    The US is by far the worst offender and the citizens have had no voice in government since FDR sold out the country to banks and corporations; a practice that has only continued. But, the deep state controls the judiciary in the US, which allows their atrocities against Americans and others abroad to go unpunished. The “mass” shootings at schools or in other public places are just one example. They are orchestrated by the government and alphabet agencies to garner support for a political agenda, or used to keep Americans distracted so we don’t question why soldiers are spread around the world to guard corporate interests. The select young men who were used as Big Pharma’s guinea pigs for psychotropic drugs administered by quacks diagnosing everything from ADHD, conduct disorder, or the plethora of “conditions” created that made them conspicuous compared to others–something society and government find intolerable. Then they send operatives with their little toys to implant ideas, repetitious thoughts, paranoia, rage, or panic into their heads pushing until it gets the results desired–a school shooting, a cluster of suicides, etc. Meanwhile, an average of 30 men/women are killed by gang violence (America’s real terrorists who pose a threat to citizens) are ignored as if they never happen. The same is true about Europe allowing countries to be invaded with low skilled/low ability immigrants who are expecting a stream of handouts, but will ultimately land on the streets, involved in crime, lowering all aspects of quality of life for regular citizens; and they will lack the means to defend themselves.

    And while enough whistleblowers in the US have exposed the methods, motivation, and use of such devices, which has also been documented by witnesses, scientific papers, even recorded at Congressional Hearings such as the Church Committee; the deep state isn’t challenged and continues to profit from the suffering of others. So, the efforts of these three killers in the video and the majority of people imprisoned for crime look like angel virgins in comparison to those who do far worse every day. Worse, we put them in office; we give them our money in taxes; and we (in the US) give them our sons on a draft register. The paper exposed in the 80’s called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was the blueprint for what we are seeing, and it is time citizens of all nations wake up. Every horrendous act committed by the US, has either been with the collaboration of other governments including the UK and/or Canada; and while leaders appear to have power, they are merely members of the elite in the deep state and often act as their puppets to increase profits. It is always about profit.

    Who profits by lying to the UK asserting there weren’t WMD’s in Iraq? Prince Charles, of course, who sold chemical and biological agents until days before the war. And they have continued to profit selling arms to enemies just as the US has done–because they make billions through war contracts, directly or indirectly. And every bit of ordinance dropped is a WMD made with depleted uranium. But the BBC loves perpetuating the lie; right along with the lie 9/11 was the result of Bin Laden’s plot. In reality, Bush & co. had collaborated with the Saudi’s to plan 9/11. And there were explosives used as well as the planes which caused the damage. Who gained? The US got its excuse for war and the profits have never stopped rolling in! Besides the theft of billions of dollars in cash that “disappear” contractors (and the rest of the deep state chain) profit from materials used, food served, fuel, etc., but they also profit from trafficking in human organs; trafficking in sex workers, and maintaining control over the poppy harvests in Afghanistan, which allows drugs to be funneled illegally into the US, whether inside corpses or via whichever drug cartel happens to have the US favor at the moment. Big pharma profits; the rehab industry, filled with quacks, profits, and the prison complex profits as the populous becomes more destabilized and dependent on government–and far less likely to revolt against our enslavement. No politician cares about anyone; only about profits; and until we all do our research and find the truth, nothing will change.