Killer On The Run: David Bieber

It’s Boxing Day, 2003 and much of Britain was quite as millions of people celebrated the Christmas holidays, but not everyone of course has time off. In Leads two police officers said goodbye to their families and went to work at Killingbeck police station, they were PC Neil Roper and by his side, his friend and colleague PC Ian Broadhurst.

The two officers were expecting a relatively easy shift and no one could possibly have imagined what they were about to face. The officers were patrolling the east side of Leads, it was a journey that tok them down Dib Lane, a suburban street with a few shops scattered among the houses. It was here where the officers spotted a doggy looking car and decided to pull over for a closer inspection, the car itself turned out to be stolen and the officers proceeded to arrest the driver but what they didn’t know was that this man was more than a simple car thief, he was David Bieber, an American fugitive wanted for murder, he had been on the run for almost yen years.

Bieber went onto murder PC Ian Broadhurst and attempted to murder PCs Neil Roper and James Banks before going on the run in the UK sparking a nationwide search.

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  1. What is this bunch of crap, is the writer like say what, twelve? “Much of Britain was quite” should be Quiet. “In Leads” should be Leeds. “Police spotted a doggy-looking car” should be Dodgy. These errors alone should indicate it’s amateur hour at doccy heaven. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel.