The Killing of Bruiser Brody

Frank Donald Goodish was an American professional wrestler who grew to fame under the ring name Bruiser Brody, but he also worked under the names King Kong Brody, The Masked Marauder and Red River Jack.

Over the years Bruiser Brody became associated with some of the most hardcore wrestling matches in the history of the sport and was known to rough up his opponents, often times leaving them in a pool of their own blood before the match was over.

Brody was very much sought after by wrestling promotions having made appearances for various companies such as World Class Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation, Central States Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Florida, and the American Wrestling Association among others.

However despite being loved by so many it would seem that he also had a few enemies, one of whom stabbed him to death back in 1988 whilst in the middle of a locker room confrontation. In this film we hear from fellow wrestlers who witnessed the tragic event.

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