The Killings of the Three Scottish Soldiers

For two years the BBC Spotlight team worked on the series The Troubles a Secret History revisiting some of the systemic moments of the troubles in Northern Ireland. Investigating some of the more pivotal events that were enormously significant at the time but hardly scrutinised since, like the killings of three young Scottish soldiers found shot dead, their bodies dumped in north Belfast.

They were some of the earliest soldiers shot dead in the conflict in Northern Ireland, as a result, it enraged the military and made front-page news. The Scottish soldiers were John McCaig, 17; his brother, Joseph, 18, and Dougald McCaughey, 23, and in this observational documentary, we see reporter Darragh MacIntyre unearth significant new evidence about the murders of three Scottish soldiers, lured from a Belfast bar and shot in 1971.

Directed by: Claire Irwin , Claire Irwin , Sarah Mole

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  1. Many never forgot,disgraceful that the murderers got away with it.

  2. Typical BBC. Of course English soldiers would be be ‘British’, denying the identity of the oldest nation state in Europe even as other ‘British’ members of the union are given the courtesy of their right name. You get sick of this c**p after a while.