The Kim Dynasty

The demilitarised zone or DMZ divides the Korean peninsula into North and South at the 38th parallel, the armies of both sides face each other along the border. This stand off has continued since the end of the Korean War in 1953, it’s a precarious balance of power that’s often been threatened.

This has never been more apparent as North Korea have ramped up their nuclear missile testing, stating that they now have the ability to hit the United States, the world was shocked by this testing but North Koreas transformation into a nuclear power should come as no surprise as they have been working towards this goal for decades. It is a sophisticated program that got its start even before the North Korean state was founded in 1948.

We are now seeing hope for stability as  Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump meet on June 12 in a Singapore summit to discuss the matters mentioned above. This film gives us some background history on the The Kim Dynasty as the world patiently awaits the outcome of this meeting.

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