Klansville U.S.A.

In this episode of American Experience we are shown first hand how the once most liberal southern state of America (North Carolina), became home to the largest Klan organisation in the country, the Ku Klux Klan. They seemed to have lay dormant for decades but in 1954 after the Supreme Court: Brown v. Board of Education decision, i.e. states running separate schools based on race were deemed to be unconstitutional, it wasn’t surprising that this ruffled a few feathers, causing some to turn to the Klan.


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  1. It’s obvious that this is the way to do it, I am on the fence with the death penalty but I think as a society who as morals I don’t see any reason to inflict pain when a death penalty is carried out.
    It would be a hell less stressfull for the people who actually have to put a person to death, it’s fast and for a inmate who’s been sitting on death row for so many year’s knowing is going to die I think that’s punnishment enough.