On A Knife Edge

London, the capital of the United Kingdom is currently going through what could only be described as an epidemic. In the last few years there have been a record breaking amount of knife-related murders here and in this VICE special we see ex-gang member Josh Osbourne take us on a journey through this culture of violence.

From personal footage Osbourne captured as a youth we witness the full extent of how bad things were in his day, thus in turn contributing to todays mentality seen amongst the up and coming youths. We see how a strict “code of silence” dominates this landscape, keeping people from reporting such crime to the authorities.

We also hear from grieving families who are now struggling to find some sort of justice. On a quest for answers Osbourne speaks with active gang members about how reputation is a fiercely protected and how brushes with death are worn as badges of honour. Understanding how the internet has profoundly altered the way conflicts are instigated and unravel on London’s streets is key to understanding the problem found here as a whole.

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  1. The result of gun bans.

  2. It looks like disarming the whole island didn’t stop people from killing after all. It did save the lives of people who prey on victims who have a hard time defending themselves.

    Oh Well.