Know your Mushrooms (2008)

Ron Mann investigates the miraculous, near-secret world of fungi. Visionaries Gary Lincoff and Larry Evans lead us on a hunt for the wild mushroom and the deeper cultural experiences attached to the mysterious fungi. The oldest and largest living organisms recorded on Earth are both fungi. And their use by a new, maverick breed of scientists and thinkers has proven vital in the cleansing of sites despoiled by toxins and as a “clean” pesticide, among many other environmentally friendly applications. Combining material filmed at the Telluride Mushroom Fest with animation and archival footage, along with a neo-psychedelic soundtrack by The Flaming Lips, this film opens the doors to perception, taking the audience on an extraordinary trip.

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    • *** her is a site that is much easier to navigate & has much higher quality documentaries.

  2. same Ol’ story same Ol’ song a dance!!

  3. Dido too many of these vids don’t work

  4. damn it another one that dont work. c’mon admin!

  5. This doc isn’t working. Any tips?!

  6. mushrooms are amasing you can trip balls or just get some on your pizza or trip balls after eating your pizza your choice

  7. One of my all time faves. Can watch it again and again. 

  8. Back online boys. Cheers for letting me know, Enjoy!

  9. FU for removing it, whoever you are..

  10. It says this video has been removed.