Kony 2012: Part 2 – Beyond Famous

Kony 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous offers a closer look at the LRA and explores the solutions put forward by leaders of the currently-affected areas of CAR, DRC, and South Sudan, where local communities continue to live under the constant threat of LRA violence.
From the author: This generation has responded to the call to make Joseph Kony famous. Now we need to dig deeper and turn awareness into informed action.
That starts with sharing this film and continues with participating in Cover the Night, the advocacy and awareness event taking place worldwide on April 20th 2012.

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  1. The USA should help

  2. This Is Just Crazy..!:( Shout Out For All Those Kids And People Need To Stand Up And Speak..! REALLY!

  3. Releases a film…
    Jerks off in public…
    Makes another film?

    …..and people still buy into his act hahaha. Pathetic.
    ps. every country the U.S. has ever invaded was manipulated in search of a “reason” – reason enough the people will get behind and feel outraged about. It’s been done time and time again, War and Death – the two biggest profit pullers.

  4. I don’t think one person who has commented even understands what the purpose of this was. Solving global starvation cannot be achieved overnight, however we all have facebook and excess time, so why not encourage people to be contributing to something positive. Change has to start someplace.

    Kony 2012 is no more deceptive or manipulative then reading a newspaper, watching television or passing an advert on the street.

    Not everything is a government conspiracy.

  5. Well what are we doing to help the cause, or help any cause for that matter? It’s easy to appear outraged at the Invisible Children campaign and the fact that this isolated violation is causing such an uproar, but here we are typing angry words and we are all disgusted at how ‘some people’ can be so easily manipulated into donating money to a cause that ‘isn’t real’ and it makes us feel like we’ve contributed something useful. Get of your ass and do something that is real that will make a difference.

  6. I think, what I don’t like about KONY 2012, is that it separates this particular issue from all other global issues. Regardless of the intention or integrity of this ’cause’, it shines light on one person, distracting us from seeing the vast number of other significant global crimes.

    The same tactic has been used throughout history, telling the population there is this evil person or empire we must defeat, all while we ignore the local problems that should be addressed. We did it with Bin Laden, Sadam, Stalin, Hitler, Hannibal of Carthage to the Romans, and this applies to many cultures across the world.

    We need to stop looking for someone or some group to blame. I don’t deny that there are “bad” people or groups, but we cannot control other people’s actions; only our own. It’s the reason we say “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” So what can we control? Hunger is a big one, and it’s as simple as feeding everyone. No guns, no bombs, just food. Yet, there are thousands that die each day of starvation, and thousands, if not millions more underfed. So while it is terrible kids are being abducted, it is worse to let a problem continue when there is a solution readily available.

    The only thing we can do to prevent terrorism is to stop fighting it and start healing it. This doesn’t mean we sit back and let people do harm. We need to address the social conditions that allow such behaviour. Many will argue nature over nurture, but you cannot argue against evidence such as this KONY video. It’s a clear case of social conditioning, because unless you truly know everything that’s going on, you are subject to the information you receive from your community.

    Sorry to write so much, but it’s important to think critically and see the big picture every now and then. A good painter steps back often to reflect on his progress, and as a society and a species, humanity needs to step back see what parts need work.

  7. Damn I meant to watch this but I’ve totally had my hands full with this job in San Diego.

  8. The reason he had a breakdown was cuz you idiots put in your two cents of infinite stupidity. You’re so comfortable in your fancy houses and gadgets that you don’t care what happens to people in poor conditions.

  9. Why are we all so ‘negative’ Tanya? Well, gee, let me think about that ….

    and no, we should not sit back and let this sick campaign do terrible things to women and children; mind kontrol, the swearing of secret oaths, gun to head sales pressure for recruitment/fundraising … Jason Russell flipping his programme, publically masturbating naked … seems all kind of ‘negative’ to us, see? No you don’t? Well, you and your sick perverts can GFU along with all the other Sodomite/Pederast rapists throughout the UNICEF/UNESCO NGO web of filth.

  10. As with Osama bin Laden, it is likely that the central thrust of this UN campaign forged from IMF interests, Kony himself, is long dead. That this drivel is still circulating regardless is as disgracefull as Jason Russell, Invisible Children (don’t worry, they will be) and the whole sick Angelina Jolie ‘change agent/Ambassador’ bot circus to get funding/increased access to Africa’s resources, the ‘human’ resources. It’s all a huge filthy genocidal racket!

  11. Scam alert – quit shilling for these hipsters

  12. Why are you all so negative? I agree with the Syria statement, but there’s a lot of different political fragility in deciding what to do. I do think more people should fight of intervening in Syria, but I also think people should fight for this cause too. Children don’t deserve to have their arms and limbs cut off and be forced to eat their dead there friends or “comrades”. Contrary to what some of you have said, this IS going on in Africa all over Africa. I live in South Africa and these things don’t just go on in one localised area, it’s all over. Even in poverty stricken areas where ppl have no justice and cruel men fight for their own local power. There may not be an overall cause that these ppl and Kony are fighting for, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and let him do the most gruesome of crimes to young children and woman. But it does mean ppl should fight just as hard for other causes that are affecting so many pals lives.

    Invisible children is one project for goodness sake that started on this cause years ago. The fact that its being going on for decades makes it important because it will carry on forever otherwise. At least these guys are doing something about it. If you want to fight for Syria then g out, give your life to that cause, make some videos and spread the word…encourage ppl to fight with you. This man has given his life to this cause and I have immense admiration for him and his colleagues.

  13. Because putting up posters outside of the retail store you work at is the easiest thing you can do to make other idiots think you’re some kind of activist.

  14. hope the nude jerking off in public video is included in this LOL, Kony is one of the thousands upon tens of thousands if in the millions scams that are pulled on people in the name of “charity” or “God” or “helping others” Religion is one of the major players a multi trillion $$$ industry plaguing the world while they do nothing to help starving people, prevent war, or enlighten and educate people.

  15. the only thing i took from the 30 min video entitled “Kony 2012” is how easily manipulated people are, it disgusts me how so many ill informed fools will trow there fists in the air and say “lets change the world” for a cause that is non existent today, yet they believe so because of a well made youtube video aimed at plucking the heart strings of the masses, ….. it goes to show the world is an easily manipulated place when over 90 million people are persuaded by a video on youtube for a non existent cause yet people in Syria are being slaughtered as i type this, I cant help but wonder if the same idiots that were so willing to jump into the so called “Kony” cause would help the people of countries that actually need it right now like Syria…. why bother…

  16. Kony is the U.S. Government’s false flag event, used to take over South Sudan’s resources.
    Kony hasn’t been seen in Years, some think he’s been dead a long time…..’real’ people in Sudan laugh about this scam.