Kosovo: Can You Imagine?

From the author: Kosovo: Can You Imagine? is a documentary film by Canadian filmmaker Boris Malagurski, about the Serbs that live in Kosovo and the lack of human rights that they have today, in the 21st century.

Most of the Kosovo Serbs have been ethnically cleansed by the Albanians who make up the majority of Kosovo. Kosovo has been under UN administration since 1999 when NATO bombed Serbia for 78 days to halt a crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatism in its province of Kosovo. In the years following the war, thousands of Serbs were expelled from their homes, kidnapped and killed. Their houses, cultural and religious sites were burned and destroyed.

Kosovo for the Serbs is what Jerusalem is for the Jewish people. It is the cradle of their statehood, culture and religion. Most of the important Serbian Christian Orthodox monasteries are in Kosovo. Today, Serbs still have a deep spiritual and traditional connection to Kosovo, a land which is being cleansed of everything Serbian.

Most of the Kosovo Serbs are internally displaced, some of them live in small container camps, in ghettos, all this in the heart of Europe in the 21st century. We follow the stories of several Serbs who have fell victim to a nationalist and irredentist ideology that has a goal of creating a pure Albanian state of Kosova (Kosovo in Albanian). Serbs in Kosovo have no basic human rights. You will be shocked to learn which atrocities they have to face each day.

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  1. This film is a big lie as it is always with Serbian. It’s so clear it is sponsored propaganda. Should not be allowed here

  2. Albanians have nothing to do with yllirians were killed as history says I don’t know about Kosovo I know about Albanians and they think they have history thing like acropolis was build by them as they say and kolokotronis was also Albanian hilarious yllirians had some dignity the next thing Albanians call is the book of the mongols which doesn’t exist ,as their history but let’s not talk about propaganda guys since you are leaders in this

  3. This film is all paid Serb propaganda.

  4. This is a big lie. Illyrians or not , Kosovo is Albanian. If you all get your DNA checked you might be surprised to learn of the many different origins we all have. All Invaders left some of their DNA… Serbians killed burned raped for many years …why are they crying now? Did mother Russia back off because of the USA?

  5. it says video is private where can I watch it as a Kosovian i really wanna watch it

  6. How it is possible that Kosovo being the the Jerusalem for the Serbs had only a minority of serbs living there ??? and those only in north while the rest of Kosovo was 100% populated by only albanians ….that d mean that serbians do not praise much ttheir culture but their dogma. Those sites they built the orthodox churches were first pagan sites and later catholic and now owned by the serbian orthodox church.

  7. Funny documentary, all propaganda. Bad to see that people still trying to put Serbia on the victim sight. Doesn’t meter, Kosovo is independent country, multicast country. You should go and visit it to understand the truth.

  8. This documentary is full of bias, political propaganda and, simply put, lies. I would strongly recommend the operators of this platform to check the contents and to get the facts straight of the documentaries they feature. I visited it fully intent on watching a good documentary, after this, I believe I’ve seen enough. And I wouldn’t be surprised if other people feel the same way.

    Just the textual intro to the documentary itself makes a mockery of the thousands of Albanian families that were massacred during the Kosovo war. There’s a reason the international community decided to intervene in the summer of 99, this documentary and the fact that it is being shared here questions the very principles underlying that intervention.

    And the fact that the maker of this documentary, Mr Boris Malagurski, is of Serbian descent and a political propagandist and populist does not surprise me one bit.

    Check your sources and contents, documentaryheaven!

    • Did you ever visit Serbia or Kosovo, who gave you the right to give your own critics to this movie? Who are you to judge here? What do you know about the reasons why Serbia was bombed in 1999? Who told you that if NATO decided to bomb some country, that must be right? Did you ever hear that bombing was against UN regulations? Who gave you the right to speak about this? Maybe I am Serbian, but I’m trying to be as much objective as I am, and if I don’t really know anything about something, i will keep my mouth shut. What would you tell about Syria? NATO and Russia are doing great jobs there? It is just right, because they decided to do that? Who are THEY to judge? Please reply to me, regards

      • apparently u live with a mediaval mentality where one has the right to and another not. Same logic that brought war to Serbia. It is his right pure and sacrum aas it is yours to reply. you dont know mcuh and better keep it shut your mouth coz those older then you have seen the horrors that para militia did to civilians.

      • Nice job, u shut him up. And are you really from Serbia? ’cause i am and i now FOR REAL how Serbs in the kosovo are threated.. Sory for bad english im only 14.
        Sorry for late reply!

  9. Its hilarious how Albanians think that they are of ilyrian descent (Which is one of the reasons they claim that Kosovo is theirs, their “ancestors” were there), but all genetic studies prove that there is only a small amount of their people of actual Ilyrian descent. Actually people in Bosnia and Hercegovina have more Ilyrian genes than they do.

  10. kosovo is serbia , like it or not

  11. and another thing i keep seeing serbs writing on the web is that albanians big brother(US) saved them, and that we are dogs of the US. hahahahah thats so fucking funny,,, WHAT are Russians to you then !!!!

  12. this documentary is shit, is all a big lie. Albanians were in the balkans a long time before the slavic people invaded, thats a fact ! kosovo was given to the serbs as a gift by the european powers for fighting the turks. but somebody forgot to tell them(france, germany, england) that you cannot give someone something that isn’t yours !!! stupid !!!

  13. Yeah, Serbs massacred thousands of albanians, bosnians, croats, for more than 100 years, ever since WW1. More than 280.000 albanians were murdered in WW1, more than 25000 in WW2 and 15000 in the 90’s. Kosova is actually Dardania, an ancient illyrian tribe (albanian) which existed for thousands of years before Carpath slavs from Russia came down and occupied. This documentary is shit.

    • The fuck you talking about you moron, have you no knowledge of the world war whatsoever? Albania and Serbia were on the same side in WW1 and in fact the serbian army retreated through albania to greece after failing to defend against the austrians losing a huge number of soldiers. Serbia also lost 1.1 million people (25% of entire population) the most out of all alied countries. Although I don’t deny that Milosevic was a fucking idiot and albanians suffered because of him, don’t fucking disrespect our sacrifices and army efforts in WW1 just because it suits your point.

      • Milosevic was a psycho that unleashed war dogs to civilians and caused a great havoc that d last for long time. What he is saying there that serbians comited many crimes against albanians in the first balkanic war. one thing is to invade a country another is to masacre civilians.

  14. Cmon. How you can lie?? This is one of the best documentary ever. It’s telling the truth about Serbian population in Kosovo. Albanians came to Serbian holly land. Big brother from US support albanians only and only because of mines there and NATO base, he don’t give a shit for shiptars!!! Once when Kosovo stop be interesting for BB it will be Serbian again. Don’t be so stupid.

  15. Reading the comments makes me sad to see so many people who are misinformed yet think they know what they are talking about and keep talking. Serbs this, serbs that, but noone ever digs into the history to find out why things are the way they are. Research people, and dont accept everything that is fed to you by western media. Ive spend yearsin Kosovo and the Balkans as a blue helmet and have to say the west is grossely biased against the Serbs and that is irrefutable fact. How many times have we busted up human trafficing, drug trafficing and weapon trafficing rings all perpetrated by KLA soldiers is too many to count. There is a reason why Europe does not like Kosovo Albanians and I have seen first hand why.

  16. Anybody that thinks Kosovo is part of Albania or belongs to their people is either blind def or dumb or a combination of all three. Fact: Kosovo was part of the former Yugoslavia and the Serbs were nice enough to let Albanians in! Albanians were allowed speaking their own language, having their own schools and newspapers, radio and television broadcasts and so on and so forth. Fact: Kosovo is now an American state, and America did this purposely for many reasons, to long to explain here. Fact: America needed somebody to blame so that they could strategically and systematically help destroy one of the worlds most prosperous nations(the former Yugoslavia), they also knew they would attack Serbia way before they “warned” Milosevic and his government to pull out…it would have happened either way. Fact: The Albanians had NO right to turn around and say “Hey we want Kosovo to be ours”, that’s just not the way the world works, Quebec has wanted independence for a long time, do you think the Canadian government would let that happen? Fact: Nobody WINS wars, we ALL lose as human beings, it’s not about who did what first, the violence needs to stop! So please stop being ignorant and saying the serbs deserved this, did the innocent people of Iraq deserve to die because of Saddam Hussein and 9/11(which they had nothing to do with), did the innocent people in Afghanistan deserve to die? or the people in Syria? If you honestly believe that, then do us all a favor and kill yourselves, for you are what is dragging humanity down.

    • Fact is that ppl like shall go back to the ural caves they belong, there you could play nice with your kind.

    • Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia, but Serbs were nice enough to let Albanians in!!!!!
      Just from this one sentence everyone can see that whoever wrote this thinks that Yugoslavia was Serbia and that Serbs were ones that decided who can live in Yugoslavia who can’t. This alone shows intelligence of the person writhing comment above

  17. oh my god … this is worst propaganda ever … the culprit is playing the victim … the serbs committed the most inhuman crimes against muslims in that region killing 200000 of them ..even little girls were raped and killed to make a orthodox christian Serbia .. ethnic cleansing of muslims was carried out by serbs and not the other way round … even the POPE apologized for the crimes committed by Serbs against humanity … its shocking how far people can go with their lies

    • @Muneer Alam Looks like you don’t know a thing about Serbia or what happened there… First, Serbs didnt killed 200000 Albanians and tried to make ortodox Serbia, as Serbia is ortodox for centuries. I’m atheist, but just a fact for you, muslim religion came 500 years after christianity… Second, Pope couldn’t apologies in the name of people that are ortodox…. Read, educate and than make comments….

  18. waiting for wikileaks to show how the US planned to get their bases in kosovo for some dollar bills

  19. Bull shit. Lack of real informations .

  20. This is the worst documentary I’ve ever seen! NATO stepped in to stop the genocide and the eviction of more than 1 million Ethnic Albanians from their homes and country. How thick do the producers of this program think the public are? How is this even under the history genre??

  21. This is ridiculous. Worst propaganda documentary ever made, simply twisted. The serbs have commited the worst massacre in europe after Adolf Hitler, and now they want peope to believe they are the victims? Hilariuos

    • Atrocities were committed across the three sides.Serbs were not by any means the only bad guys.In fact, before Srebrenica, Serb villages were plundered and many Serbs were brutalised and murdered.

    • would said that second were brits in ireland, if we speak about europe. not to mention what happened in india…

  22. The question is how do we know now that the Albanians weren’t doing this before the alleged ethnic cleansing, and that the ethnic cleansing wasn’t a response to this? We don’t.

  23. thats the worst non-sense documentary! the albanians never had an army! the slobodan Milloshevic made a real cleansing in Kosovo in 1999,how can Serbs claim a province when they are less than 5 % in kosovo.??? i have lived in that region and i know what happend. I am sure that this documentary doesnt present the truth,the albanians have always been majority there in kosovo,and this region is been under Serbia gor 100 years,


      link above show that first serbian capital was dostinika that was located in todays metohija (part of kosovo) in the early 7th century… funny how yours serbian 100 years at kosovo just became more almost 1400 years… funny fact, long time before canada even existed…

    • Your comment contradicts itself, how can Miloshevic make a real ethnic cleansing if when Albanians are a majority and Serbs are less than 5%, doesn’t sound like ethnic cleansing to me.

  24. Every documentary about Balkan countries and history is spoiled with so many rude comments, makes me wonder what kind of people live there in the 21st century… Shame on you, all!

  25. the serbs are getting what they deserve

  26. Serbs moved in the Balkan during the 13 century, since then they never stopped expanding. In Kosovo still today the authorities are finding massive graves of Albanians executed. Never was found a mass grave with Serbian bodies remains.  

  27. Long live United Kingdom ans Canada,We will always live in peace

  28. Even though I think the documentary is biased I have to say that the comments are shameful!

  29. as the world around you advances you choose to feed on the atrocities of the past and then feed that into your future generations. why?

    why should a child born today must pay in blood for something they have no part in?

    educate yourself as a people

    and be thirsty for wisdom before blood

  30. A documentary is a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event i don’t see any fact in this film, only hear garbage. it’s not a documentary it’s rubbish.

  31. How can you say that Republic of KOSOVA with 95% Albanians in serbia and it is serbian country. Do you remember how many children are without their families, do you remember that you serbs killed 15000 Albanians. How can you say that you can not walk free in KOSOVA, when you already spoke in this video serbian in the center of Prishtina, and you were traveling around of KOSOVA and nobody killed you mother fucker.
    You son of a bitches you have to learn for a living earth that KOSOVA will never be yours. YOU CAN NOT FILL people minds with these films. Because the world know who are you, they know what you have done, and what are you doing now, world knows how many people, how many children, how many eldery man and women people you HAVE KILLED.
    god will disappear you from this land for what you have did.

  32. The filmmaker is a Serb

  33. It is save to say that this documentary is a little bit biased! 

  34. What the Fuckest Documentary … All of this things that show this mutherfucker are lies … and serbs in Kosovo have rights more than Albanians ..

  35. Reply to to the docu: – Yes, I can imagine that elsewhere: Palestine.
    Look at how the Jews where treated in the concentration camps and how they now treat their own genetic half blood. As bad as any NAZI. That’s all they’ve learned!

    Althogh, the religious racism is reversed,
    It’s the other way around.

    And throgh humankind history, there are a few thousands of similar cases.
    In the end, it’s a fact that the albenians have a gang of criminal thugs as leaders.
    Internationally known reputations of criminals.

    It dangerous to make business with peoples who were born and raised up with such lacks within tbeir education.
    Turn down importations from there.
    Bare in mind that anyone anywhere abroad Albanai who’d hire an Albanian is in for racism above all.


  36. well look at this pic, this is how inhuman serbs are, i Hope one day we nuke you fucking filthy in human pig fucking orothodox holdy dick sucking primates? How can you shoot at innocent civilians like that. Well you know karma is a bitch right, well what goes  around will come around just you wait.

  37. The sad thing about this terrible documentary and the situation in Kosovo is that both sides are as bad as each other but you are too blinded by your ideology and the education you have been brought up with to see it. How can you seek to improve your lives and the country in which you live if all you seek to do is kill each other and to apportion blame on anyone else but yourselves.

  38. Kosovo Will Never Be Serbia !!! Fact…… Live with it !!!

    On the other hand this so called film maker is nothing but a Serbian who has no idea. And only speak what his history teach him, on the other hand Serbians history teaches them, that they never lost the battle of kosovo. You lost it than you will loose it again :))))))))

    You are ghetto bound live with it …!!!! :))) 

    • General Lewis MacKenzie, now retired, commanded UN troops during the Bosnian
      civil war of 1992 said : In Kosovo “We bombed the wrong side”

      Kosova is Serbia. Greetings from US of America: Patriot Daddy 😉

    • Facts about Kosovo battle. Legendary Milos Kobiliqi was Albanian hero who killed Sultan Murat in his noble suicide mission. He was under command of Serbian Emperor Lazarus. Serbian army was outnumbered on 8 to 1 in comparation with Otoman Turkish army. Still battle of Kosovo was won. As a consequence losses on Serbian (+ Christian) side were devastating. Turkish army was defeated. It took them 80 years to re-organise and continue advances towards the west. Albanians were Orthodox Christians then and even now Albanian flag have Serbian (Byzantine) two headed Eagle. In Albania today there is Albanian Orthodox Christian Church. Skenderbeg was Christian too, fighting Turkish army. All in all, it is you lacking knowledge about your own country and history. It is uneducated people like you who were keen to destroy 150 Christian monasteries in Kosovo, using dynamite. There were recognised as the World Heritage by United Nations. Some of them were built in 4th and 5th Century by Serbian Emperors Constantine I and Justinian I Maximanus etc.. 

      Apart from history, killing Serbian children and innocent civilians, selling body parts to Swiss private clinics.. what to say, this is who are Kosovo Albanians of today. 

      I do not hate you, but the curse of innocent blood is now on all of you. 

      Trust me, it is coming for you soon 🙂 so help me God !

  39.  During the Kosov War in in 1998 I was too young to go fight I was only 5 years old but my Uncle and older brothers went and fought from Albanian. When they came back and I got a little older they would tell me stories about fighting with the serbs. They would capture serbian soldiers and butcher them alive. Disassemble their body parts with axes and watch them die suffering. Burn them alive, starve them, they would starve them to a point where they would start feeding them the flesh of other serbs. heee  Once my favorite they caught a serbian commander alive. They striped him naked and tied him behind a tree then with a blade they opened his belly up and fed his insides to the dogs they would hunt serbs with german shepherds. They didnt kill him but forced him and the rest of his soldiers to watch as the dogs ate him alive. They taught me one thing a serb is parasite a cancer who needs to pay in blood and body flesh for the things done against the Albanians and death is too easy for the serb he must suffer!

    • You are stating on record that Albanian citizens participated as paramilitary formations on territory of Serbia in the Kosovo conflict. I am sure they did. This is exactly the illegal point of Kosovo War. Foreign Albanian paramilitary formations did complete genocide on all non-albanian population, militarily supported by NATO = CIA. This includes merciless killings of children and all other non armed citizens of Kosovo. This include Serbs, Roma, Gorjani, Macedonians, Greek, Bulgarian and Jew ethnic minorities.

      This link will show you Albanian paramilitary formations, being armed and sent of to Serbia (Yugoslavia) to create bloodshed and genocide.

      One more thing for now: Fuck you too – from Greece

      • сейчас мы слабы, но придёт время мы станем сильными и все не други будут

  40. so who wants to buy Serbian organs? At the moment we are currently
    supplying some countries in Europe Middle east and we are looking to
    expand our operations. At the Moment we only supply Serbian organs and body accesories but in the future we hope to expand our inventory by selling Gayreek as well as Slavo-Bulagar macedonian organs and body parts. ATTENTION Serbians who are looking to buy back heir family members or relatives organs and body parts Get SPECIAL PRICES! 50% off. Everybody else Normal prices. Anybody interesting in purchasing serbian organs please contact me SERBIANS MAKE EXCELLENT SPECIMENS FOR HARVESTING ORGANS. Our Ultimate goal in the near future is to harvest and sell the organs and body parts of every single living subhuman serb when we are finished with the serbs we are moving on to the Gayreeks!

    • How do you hope to expand your territory when Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia are all against you, all your neighours. You think they will sit there and do nothing, thanks for justifying Milosevic, and I feel very proud of being a Slav because Serbs and Slavs and they killed a lot of scum like you, I hope they carry and commit a full genocide, to completely wipe of all scum like you. You know what Albanians really are ancient people, ancient hominids who have not had the opportunity to evolve, enjoy being the poorest in Europe, enjoy starving, and enjoy your dependence on Bulgarian electricity, Bulgaria generates electricity for the whole Balkans, maybe its time they cut it off.

    • i think everyone sees who you are as people from these moronic comments alone. in fact i’m sure most who visit this website are probably asking why we didn’t end your existence like we should have . instead of educating you, and working like slaves ALL of us Bosnians, Croats, Serbs, Slovenes, Montenegrins, just to pay equalization payments to feed you lazy illiterate fucks that came streaming across albanian border. 
      fucking scum of the earth. there isn’t a nation on the planet that can stand you.

  41. These comments go toshow why NATO stepped in – you ethnic zealots are just crazy children with guns.

  42. You are all ignorant and stupid.We (Serbians) are the victims of american propaganda.We had wars, yes we had!Srebrenica was directed by American people to look like genocide.No one told you that before that muslims killed an entire serbian village!That was payback, but the muslims killed each other so they can put on serbian killing account.Dont forget operation Oluja (Storm) where 2650 Serbs were killed and over 300.000 got evicted from Croatia.Our army was not there, and that was ethnic cleansing.What about Jasenovac in Croatia in WW2?Ove 400.000 Serbs killed.You didn’t know all this, did you?!Kosovo is Serbian land.We fought wars down there, when your countris didnt’t even existed.America is in collaboration with Albanians down there, because they have interests in stragetic point.There is a big american base there, you know.Of course you will believe in their false propaganda.That is only side you get on your TV.Kosovo is Serbian land, but it is lost because of treacherous pact of Americans and Albanians, and to Albanians we gave free houses and apartments 30 years ago because they were sleeping in the streets.Guess that was a mistake then.

  43. To me, this video should be under the category ‘Comedy’.

    • Ray, think now for sec, if your parents has been abducted from your family home and cut alive for body parts, I am sure you would not find anything “comedian” there. On the other side it is notable that Albanians are educated from very young age that is all right to kill in order to support jihaad. That is even visible on this page, according to comments. 

  44. I feel you, bro! ( ‘people’ is plural! 😉 I’m sure u know that. Understandable mistake if you write fast.greetings from serbia

  45. You’re all bunch of idiots.Let’s live in peace for once in this century,btw learn some english U uneducated sick fucks
    or just do as Christ or Mohammed did if you have faith that constantly preach.
    Unbelievable.In all five nations there are still too many primitive peoples.

  46. I wish this documentary was true even though I did not like it at all cos its one sided.    The Serbs deserve what they get after what they did to Slovenians, Croats, Bosnians, and Albanians.(but, I still feel sorry for the innocent Serbs even though they are in a very, very small number who did not commit crimes during the war)… 
     The Serbs are the ones who destroyed Yugoslavia if im not wrong, cos they wanted everything to be Serb, well it does not work that way. The Serbs wanted ‘bratsko jedinstvo” It seems to me that you Serbs forgot the song that you used to sing during 1990 (ko to kaze ko to laze da serbija je mala?). Let me tell how this song ends now  ” ja to kazem i ne lazem jel nece nikad biti”. 
    So get your facts straight and stop playing the victim cos the whole world knows what you did from 1991-1999. Apparently you got your asses burned from 19 countries (NATO) and I would like to say god bless Nato. Here is another suggestion for you Serbs: did you ever wonder how many serbs (starting from your Slobo, Karadzic, Seselj etc etc ) are still in Courts? How many Slovenians , Bosnian’s, Croats and Albanians are in Court? Believe me, its 20 to 1 in your favor. So please stop bullshiting around the internet like pussy’s… wake up and smell the humus. You have to understand that even the Serbs from Serbia don’t want you in Serbia that’s why you are still stuck in KOSOVO, and you know that because after the war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo you went there (Serbia) as refugees and they(the Serbs) throw rocks at you and called you Gipsys, you were not even given food or shelter what more do you want from your brothers in Serbia? all that is left for me to say to the Serbs is; Im glad Im not a Serb cos even God hates the Serbs…Prijatno…i laku noc. 

  47. How about 98% of Albanians that lived under Serbian regime for decades? How do you justify their suffering? Hundreds of thousands Albanians killed during Ranković’s time (50’s, 60’s), before that and all the way to Mr Pig Milosevic. The world is not interested to hear about 6 days of your suffering, you self pity…..

  48. Can’t we all just get along :)) I rarely watch documentaries about this ”our” balkan sh*t,, but I do read comments…lol…maybe to see if something changes…or did positive ppl came out to comment…tuff luck….anyway…. Greetings to all from Serbia

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