Kurt Cobain: The Early Life Of A Legend

Ten years after the wasteful death of Kurt Cobain he remains the only true musical icon of the post punk age. This film traces the early life of Kurt from his childhood in small town Washington right up to his first taste of superstardom at the dawn of the release of the multi platinum Nevermind album. Taking in all aspects of his life and career up to that pivotal stage, the story hinges on a narrative from esteemed Cobain biographer Charles Cross and is embellished with lengthy contributions from his relations, friends, band members, fellow musicians and numerous others who recall a side of Kurt not previously revealed.

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  1. Excellent documentary. Maybe not so much for folks not familiar with the grays harbor area and around Aberdeen especially. For decades the town has been slowly dying and has become a dumping ground for the less fortunate. I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to negatively judge a documentary if perhaps it just doesn’t entertain you enough. The Truth isn’t always entertaining. However someone’s effort to bring some insight to the passing of a rock star genius is so appreciated. And should be.

  2. What is the song in the cuts and the ending called?

  3. This seems to be one of the documentaries from the “Under Review” series.  These are excellent documents of history — the behind-the-scenes look — not meant to be overwhelmingly entertaining, but rather, they are meant to inform.  I completely enjoy the interviews with the people who truly knew him, and I appreciate the interviews with the music historians.  Some of the other artists who are documented in the “Under Review” series are Keith Richards; The Who; The Smiths; The Rolling Stones; The Byrds; David Bowie; Joy Division; Nirvana; Neil Young; Oasis and Syd Barrett.  They are worth pursuit.

  4. Pretty boring doc overall.  5 of 10 stars.  I also hated how it ended.  It seemed like it had another 15-20 minutes to go and all of a sudden just credits.  It didn’t even cover (arguably) the most important times of his life: his last days.

  5. Crap video – get your style together this is boring and not engaging people


  6. “Ten years after the wasteful death” Screw whoever wrote that description. He took his own life. What kind of a douche says someone else’s death was wasteful. That’s not your call asshole.