La Plaza de Toros

The Bullring, The art of the Bullfight.
The film explores Bullfighting as an art form within sport, it doesn’t show Bullfighting as a negative, conversely an art that can be admired by all. Training, dedication, concentration. Art, death, tragedy

” Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death, and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance, is left to the fighters honour.” – Hemmingway

Stunning images blended with gripping subjects, a true exploration into how the Spanish, and many other cultures and generations have become obsessed with the Bullfight.

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  1. Apologists for sick fuckers.
    This barbarism shames all Spain. And I love Spain and her people – even learned the language (up to a point anyway). but this bullshit is disgusting and degrading to the whole country.

  2. I know bull when t see it, that was some bull ssst

  3. Something I forgot to say is that the families who grow bulls for bullfighting and families from “matadores” move looooots of money and makes loooots of money and that’s why they’re still there doing this masive stupidity under the flag of Spanish Folklore.

  4. I entered just for the sake of the comments, I’m not even going to watch this documentary. I’m from Barcelona, Spain, and here there is a big anti-bullfighting movenent.The greatest part of the population find it torturing and that should be placed in the hands of the legal forces for animal rights.
    I know people who will defend it as tradition and beauty (in general they are really old people with no understaning of animal suffering, or descendants from Franco-friendly families)
    I dont understand why you give room to this unless you do it to provoque visits and comments about it.
    The bull is not “bravo” the bull is completely drunk in fear and adrenaline and the “matador” (the killer) has other people at the “plaza” as assets for his safety and the bull torturing… dont f*cking dare call it a sport and dont be fools believing that represents Spain, because it doesnt.

  5. This should be removed. I really liked this site until I came upon a video that supports animal abuse. What are you idiots thinking to put this crap out.

  6. ALL bullfighters are sissy wimps. I love it when they get gored. It make me smile/laugh/chuckle. I feel vindicated.

  7. Thease people are cruel and selfish…I wish i have same knief to kill this f..k people

  8. John…

    You’re an idiot.

  9. Yeah. Screw Goya, Manet, Picasso, Hemingway, Lorca, and Almodovar. Art is dumb. I have a one-sided perception of everything. I like McDonalds. I like corporate market meat from my local store. Monsanto isn’t so bad. Resource depletion isn’t real, nor is climate change. War is ok, but only when I’m really afraid. The 15 million children under the age of 5 who die every year from easily treatable diseases (diarrhea, dehydration, etc.)….well, I can’t really be bothered to do anything about this…it’s so big, ya know? Plus, I don’t see it from my window. Isn’t smoking gross!!??- I can see that. I’m not outwardly racist (only in my thoughts, which I’m incapable of really changing). I HAVE A TOTALLY ARBITRARY HIERARCHICAL VALUE SYSTEM, with even more screwed up priorities. My animosity and emotion is almost always misdirected. I do not have the ability to recognize my own thought constructs. I live in my own fantasy, only partially created by me. All things considered, I do think we should make some changes. And it all starts right here, on this comment page, with Bullfighting.

  10. The people who say “down with this site until they review their content” are somewhat childish in my opinion. The site puts forth documentaries, whether you agree with them or not, should not be held accountable by They have documentaries on everything from left to right whit shades of grey and everything in between. THAT is what I love about this site. They show different points of view. Don’t be a baby about it and say down with this site. They are not advocating anything. They are simply putting documentaries forth. If you really wanna do something about the bullfighting, go to the website that goes against bullfighting. Sign a petition, DO SOMETHING! Don’t just comment here. Get off your ass.

  11. A great documentary for anyone who dislikes animals.

  12. a komodo dragon in the wild bites its prey and then just follows it for hours or days later until it dies, if you disagree with animal testing so strongly then volunteer yourself. Also i assume your all vegans protesting this show, so if the ultimate decision to force everyone into becoming vegie then what would hapen to all the current farm animals. A massive cull? Out on a tangent but…

  13. Would you also recognize the “talent of the film makers” if they were to make a movie showing the playful side of human genocide? For example happy children in Rwanda kicking around a severed head as if it were a soccer ball?

  14. I am glad that I saw this film–I didn’t know anything about bullfighting. I think the film is well done, an artful portrayal of the sport of bullfighting. It seems that most of the comments are directed at bullfighting, not at the film itself, and I agree with the sentiment that the sport seems barbaric and inhumane. But at the same time, I want to recognize the talent of the filmmakers, who don’t appear to be making any judgements or political statements, but simply documenting something. I think they’ve done that very well, even beautifully.

  15. h t t p : / / w w w . i w a b . o r g /

    (For those of you who do more than comment)

  16. The bull is not the only animal in the ring, the Matador is an animal and so are all of the animals who watch it from the sidelines. There are no real human beings involved.

  17. To call this a sport, that involves developing any talent to achieve it, for example…the time and effort it took Wayne Gretzky to develop his talent and play proffessionally at the game of hockey…to call this a sport with these fools dressed up like clowns, waving a red cape and armed with a sword, eventually killing a domestic animal, for what?…sport…”BULL”…maybe he should kick the poor animal in the balls and call it soccer…no sport in that…

  18. I don’t get how this is artistic or brave. This is barbaric and uncivilised. Want a real man vs beast fight? get rid of the bull and the entourage of helpers, and stick ONE of those bullfighters armed only with a 9 inch blade in a ring with a hungry tiger or something that posed a REAL threat, not a confused bovine with no real aggression.

  19. Im up for it, bull fight with breakfast and by dinner he’d be some awsome Bar-b-q!! MMMM cow!!

  20. It is a sorry excuse of a ‘tradition and culture’!! You have to see past that and realize how barbaric this is. I can’t believe how ‘civilized’ people can regard this as brave. No disrespect but the real animals are the ‘bull fighters’.

  21. This is art in the sense that it invokes an emotion. As entertainment it’s absurd. For me this is obscene voyeurism of the most depraved nature.

    As for the cruelty displayed in this documentary, this is no different to the exploitation of animals in factory farming, fashion and pharmaceuticals. You hypocritical relativist c***s are even worse.

  22. What next? Michael Vicks dogfighting videos?

  23. Please remove this torture porn.

  24. Bullfighters are cowardly trash that torture their arguably intellectual inferior opponents to death. Not one of these bullfighting pussies would meet a real man in equal combat. I spit in their faces.

  25. And eff you for supporting that crap by giving videos like this crap a home. I’m done with this site until they review their content.

  26. Eff you to all bull-fighters, it’s organization and it’s fans that support that beyond barbaric crap.

  27. “To be admired by all” except for the bull.
    He dies a super-stressed, drawn-out, agonizing death.